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Blog Takeover Day 3: ‘Off On Holiday’

Today, Kate the MC from my novel is taking over my blog:

I’m so excited. I’m going on holiday with Dan tomorrow morning (in fact so early I should really be in bed now). 14 days of sun, sea, sand and… nothing else.

My best friend is still doing my head in a little about that. She’s convinced Dan and I are going to end up in bed at some point – then probably back together. She doesn’t get that all those feelings died eight or so years ago. We’ve shared a bed so many times in the last few years that I’m sure if anything was going to happen it would have done. But it hasn’t. I don’t want it to and neither does he. If only she’d get off my back.

I’m really looking forward to spending some time with his family. I don’t know how awkward it’s going to be with them thinking Dan and I are back together, but I hope after the initial ‘excitement’ it will be fine.

Dan says they’re really excited we’re back together. Part of me wants to kill Dan for telling them that, but then I’ve got a free holiday out of the deal so I guess it’s not that bad. I’m just worried they’re going to expect us to be all huggy and kissy. I sure as hell won’t be doing any of that. Well none of the kissy stuff. Huggy and hand holding is my limit.

Am I stupid agreeing to this? I mean, if I hadn’t he could’ve just told them we’d split up.  But, I do need a holiday. I had been hoping to go away with Ian, but obviously that changed.

I’ve not really thought too much about Ian lately. It’s been about 2 months since we split up. I guess now I can see he was right, we just weren’t right for each other. I mean if we really were it would’ve been a lot harder to get over him. It was hell at the time, but then it didn’t help that I didn’t get the promotion within days of getting dumped.

I’m still really bitter about not getting the promotion. I must admit that cow is doing a good job, but I’m still convinced I would be doing a better one. I’m half thinking of moving on, I mean, I don’t know when another opportunity is going to come up within my company. I’ll spend a lot of time thinking it through on HOLIDAY. 14 days in the sun. I am so excited.

I’ve managed to build up a pretty good tan so far this year, so I should come back really dark. Hopefully the weather will be good when we get back so I’ll be able to show it off.

I’d better get some sleep. Dan’s picking me up at about 6am which isn’t too far away 😦

See you in two weeks 🙂

Blog Takeover Day is the ingenious idea of Sally Quilford. The idea is that someone else ‘takes over’ your blog for a day – it could be a historical person, a character from a novel, a pet, you choose. Obviously as I’ve been doing a lot of Fiction Friday pieces with Kate she immediately came to mind. Although this isn’t exactly in the novel, everything she’s just talked about is. As the novel is 1st person, maybe it will find its way onto the pages.

I hope you enjoyed another look into her life. If you’re interested in more of her, please see the links below when I’ve used her as my Fiction Friday character.

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