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Fiction Friday 168 – Dan at Dinner

The conversation took off when Louise mentioned Bruce Willis. Obviously Dan’s Dad had to give his penny’s worth over the pros and cons of the Die Hard movies. Dan’s Mum had to argue a bit, just for his reaction.

Dan however slipped off into his own mind. What had he just said, more importantly why had he said it? He didn’t think he cared that his little brother was getting married, he was having fun sowing his wild oats wasn’t he? Wasn’t he? He still felt too young to be settling down, and he hadn’t met anyone that had made him want to change that.

So why had it bothered him so much that everyone had been on his back? His parents knew he enjoyed his life, they’d never showed any signs of wanting him to settle down. His bother had been the one that was going to get married first, have kids first and that was fine. Or was it?

Still, his reasoning behind it shouldn’t really be what he was worried about. What he should be worried about was that he’d just told his whole family he and Kate were back together. And that he’d just agreed she was going to come to Majorca to the wedding. What the hell was she going to say?

The worst thing was that he knew he had to tell her soon. His parents were still friends with her mum and step dad and likely to see each other within a day or two. He had to tell her before then. But how would she react? He couldn’t imagine because he didn’t know how he was reacting to what he’d said himself.

He blamed his mum. She’d mentioned Kate just before, so she’d been in his head. He shouldn’t have said it though, but everyone looked so happy when he had, that he couldn’t take it back. Oh no, she was going to kill him. Actually kill him.

He realised everyone had gone quiet and was looking at him.


‘Well, you usually have something to add to the conversation don’t you? How come you’re so quiet?’

‘Oh, I bet he’s thinking about Kate. Are you?’

‘Yes, you got me, I am.’ But not in the way you think, he added silently to himself.

Fiction Friday comes from the lovely people over at Write Anything. The prompt for this week is: The conversation took off when Louise mentioned Bruce Willis. As always I’ve followed the rules and the piece is unedited!

I thought I’d bring back Dan this week. This is a scene that won’t happen in the novel ‘Holiday’ (as it’s from Kate’s POV) but is integral to the story. I hope you like it. Please let me know you’re thoughts – positive or negative it’s all helpful. Thanks.