Archive | August 16, 2010

A Quick Monday Blog

Wow, today has flown by. I actually can’t believe I’m going home in 16 minutes – it hardly feels later than lunch. Hopefully I’ve time for a quick blog.

Today’s been pretty good: I’ve gone through all the Fiction Friday pieces from last week. If you’ve got time to kill have a look at them, there are some brilliant stories there!

I’ve also finished the notes on the first module for my next writing course assignment.  One down five to go. That sounds a lot, but I’m actually really pleased I’ve started it, and to have got as far as finishing a module less than a week after my assignment has been sent…? Wow, that’s great. I wonder how much I can get done this week…

I need to do some writing today though, I’ve not managed that yet. I’m actually finishing work half an hour early so should have time to go to the gym (or food shopping, can’t decided) and get home before I’m too exhausted to do anything. I hope anyway.

I’ve had loads more positive comments about bits I’m posting for Fiction Friday – it’s really making me want to write the novel. The module I’ve just read for the course is all about preparing to write a novel – the next one is about plotting. It’s making me want to jump in now. In fact I don’t know why I’m not. Soon. Very soon!

I’ve just had a conversation with a girl from work about how much we’ve read this year. I was well happy with my 35 novels, until she jumped in with 37. Not fair. I’m going to mission through the rest of this book and read another really quickly to catch up with her. Not that I’m at all competitive or anything! Ha!