Archive | August 18, 2010

Plotting and Praise

I’ve just been reading some of ‘Holiday.’ Yeah I know I should be plotting, but I randomly found one of the scenes on my desk top, so in the process of moving it to the correct file I got reading. Now, considering I wrote the scene I read when I was in a really happy relationship, I got the break up pretty accurate. It totally reflected what  I went through a few months ago (when I had a break up myself). I’m actually pretty impressed with it – it almost made me a little sad.

It’s actually (I think) a really good way to start a novel. In the first few chapters you have to get the reader into the story and empathise with the MC – getting dumped and feeling the pain of that from a 1st person narrator sure is a way to do that (I hope). I read a review of Rowan Coleman’s The Happy Home for Broken Hearts yesterday – JessJess50 the reviewer did exactly the same as me and cried on page three. If I can get that much emotion so early on (ok so it’s going to be more like page 5) I’m laughing. Well, maybe not laughing, but defiantly on the right track!

Reading through though, I realised how much I’ve learnt in the year since I wrote that bit, e.g. putting just one space after a full stop and the punctuation involved with speech. Not huge things, but enough for me to be really happy that I’ve improved in a year.

Last night and the night before I did some more writing on ‘Holiday’. I knew I wanted to write something,  but wasn’t sure what, so Holiday was the logical choice! It’s a scene that may get wiped out, but maybe not, something I need to have though.

This morning, I started writing my scene cards for ‘Holiday’. I also got an A4  page and wrote the major plot points. I got a little carried away and towards the end they read more like prompts of what happens. That’s because I’ve not really got that much of the end in my head and I kept thinking of things to do with it – more and more detail. Maybe I’ll have to change and do it on the computer. Aghhhhh, I don’t know.

Oh wow. I can’t believe I forgot about THIS. It really should’ve gone up top – it’s probably the most important thing I’ll blog about this week! I got my writing course assignment back yesterday. Actually, I got it back on Monday, I just totally forgot to check my emails (very unusual – when I’m waiting for an assignment usually I check 4-5 times a day!).

I wouldn’t go as far as saying she loved it, but there were some pretty positive comments in there. One section was to write about a maternity ward. I was a little worried about that, you know, never having been to a maternity ward, or had kids to describe the feelings etc. She said it took her right back to when she had her kids. WOW!

Also, I wrote a line that she must have liked – she said ‘nice phrase – and a cleverly subtle way of conveying…’ Woo hoo! She said all four pieces were realistic and so on. So today, I gotta say I’m pretty happy. And I have a feeling I CAN do this whole writing thing.

I’m sure there’s more I want to write, but I want to make some notes on the course module I finished reading this morning, so will leave it there for now.