Fiction Friday #169 – Kate and the Karaoke

The note taped to the door said:

 See you at Wild Notes Karaoke Bar x

Part of me is pissed off with him, I know I said go on without me, but really, he could have waited. If I was his girlfriend he would’ve waited. How’s that going to look to his parents.

 After my shower I stand looking at my clothes, trying to decide what to wear. I’m trying to wipe the thought of Walt and Simon from my mind. American guys are so much fun. I need to keep telling myself that’s it. I just like American guys. I need to tell myself that I don’t fancy Simon. Not at all. I can’t. He’s Dan’s brother’s mate. I’m pretending to be Dan’s girlfriend. I can’t like anyone else.

It wouldn’t be so bad, but the way Simon looked at me… No, I can’t think this. Dan’s my boyfriend, Dan is my boyfriend. Simon’s just a nice guy like Walt. The fun American guys. That’s all. Me and Dan. Me and Dan. I’ll just drill it into my head.

As I’ve been for a run today I justify getting a taxi down to the bar. My irritation with Dan for leaving me hasn’t left yet. If I’m completely honest it’s probably more than that. I’m irritated he’s putting me in this position of pretending to be his girlfriend when there’s a rally nice, funny, sexy guy here too. It’s so not fair.

When the taxi pulls up I pay him, and look up at the bar. Strains of ‘Don’t worry, be happy’ come from the bar in someone’s terrible singing. At least I know I can do better than that. I walk in and see the group at the back of the room. The first person to catch my eye is Simon. Typical. He smiles at me, all the way up to his eyes, which makes my stomach lurch. As I smile back I can feel trouble brewing.


I had so many different ideas for this week’s Fiction Friday prompt from Write Anything. Too many that I couldn’t decide which one to use. When I finally sat down to write it, it became something completely different to all the ideas I had. typical.

If you’ve been reading my FF pieces over the last time I hope you’ll recognise this as Kate the MC from my novel ‘Holiday.’ This is a bit which may make it’s way into the novel! You might also recognise me kind of using a previous FF prompt – I’m well chuffed with myself for getting Don’t Worry, Be Happy in there too!

Walt you’re only mentioned in passing, but I hope you like your character 🙂

If you like my stuff and/or you like Chick Lit and you’re on Facebook, go have a look at Chick Lit Shorties and vote for your favourite short story for August (oh look, I’ve got an entry!). You could win yourself a book!!


12 thoughts on “Fiction Friday #169 – Kate and the Karaoke

  1. There’s a great sense of the complex in the MC from this piece and the others that you have written. She seems self assured yet insecure and a whole bunch of other conflicting emotions. I want to see how this all plays out.
    Adam B

  2. An insight into the fickleness of the female mind? I think your MC has the potential to throw herself from one dating dilemma to another. This kind of character is so poignant because there are so many people (male & female) out there who are also so ethereal it hurts.

  3. Hehe I got in Don’t Worry Be Happy too!! Poor Kate, I’d be frustrated too and probably tell Dan it’s his problem, I wouldn’t want to miss out on Simon!! I really love the scenarios you dream up for your characters :).

  4. You had me worried with your comments on Twitter. I was expecting to find my character in a sticky situation.

    I like how you worked in the past Fiction Friday prompt, Don’t Worry be Happy.

    • Thanks, I couldn’t help adding it in when she was there. It was so fitting!

      I originally wanted you to be a neighbour complaining about the noise after an argument (but couldn’t get an argument into the story) then I was going to have you as a dad who dropped a toy of his daughter’s and Kate picked it up (fitting, but really would’ve been pointless). Simon’s in the novel (although maybe with a different name – and he wasn’t supposed to be American, but I guess that could change) so maybe ‘Walt’ will make it in… you never know.

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