An Evening With Stylist: How To Get Your Book Published

That’s where I went last night. It was great, there were three published authors (Sophie Kinsella [debatably my favourite author ever], Lisa Jewell [I’m not stalking her honest] and Camilla), an editor and an agent.

Did I learn how to get my book published? No. But then there’s no magic formula to that, so I didn’t actually expect to. What I did learn is that my hours scouting round the internet, on blogs, Twitter and so on have taught me much more than I realised. A lot of what was said I’d already heard (read), but it was good to reinforce it into my brain.

There was some great advice given from all. I think the most important thing I took away from the talks was about finding an agent – no finding the RIGHT agent for me.

Sophie and Camilla also did a reading from their novels. Sophie’s reading was from Mini Shopaholic – which isn’t out until September! After the seminar (and before actually) we were treated to champagne/wine and canapes (apparently, I didn’t see many of those), were able to buy Sophie and Lisa’s books and mingle.

Obviously I bought Mini Shopaholic (although it’s hardback and I HATE hardbacks) and had a little chat with Sophie while she signed it for me! Woop! I now have a personalised author signed novel of hers. I’m never going to want to read it (so it stays undamaged). Best of all though, she wrote ‘Good luck with the writing’. Woop!

The thing that I took away with me though was the realisation that I’m doing pretty well with this whole writing thing. I spoke to quite a few people who want to write a novel, but only have an idea, or 5,000 words, or something. I’ve written a novel! I’m 20k into another, I write EVERY week for [Fiction] Friday and a lot of the time I write more. And because of FF, I’m not afraid to show people my work. Although I think I’m doing badly because at the moment I’m not writing every day, I’m still writing, and am scores ahead of many, many people.

Lisa said something that really made me think (and smile). Even if you don’t ever publish a novel, if you finish one that’s a major achievement. Now I may not have edited my novel, but I’ve written it. That’s 53k odd words I’ve written. That’s pretty good. And totally making me smile today.


17 thoughts on “An Evening With Stylist: How To Get Your Book Published

  1. Lovely post, NotSoNewToWritingGirlNow!

    I love it when I read something like this and remember that most of the magic of being a writer is due to plain hard work – hard work that you have already done a fair bit of!

    • Ha ha, NotSoNewToWritingGirlNow. Love it. After a year on this blog (and when I finished the novel) I wondered how long I could carry on with the NTWG thing. But it’s me, so I can’t change it. Well… not yet anyway 🙂

  2. Sounds like a good time. I’d love to check out something like this but I’ve never seen anything like it advertised in my area.

    Regarding the hardback, I hate them as well. They are very nice to look at on a bookshelf but I can never find a comfortable way to read them. For all of my “General Reading”, I reach for mass market paperbacks (trade editions aren’t as bad as hardbacks but they are still a pain to read comfortably).

    • I am so lucky living in London, it’s the place to be for stuff like this. I can’t imagine I’d be doing any of this writing thing if I hadn’t moved down here. Well, maybe, but not doin so well with it!
      I’m glad you agree with the hardback thing. It’s also carrying them around. Cause I read on the tube on the way to/from work I always have a book with me and hardbacks juts make my bag so heavy. Well heavier anyway.

  3. Congrats on having completed your novel. I have quite a lot of a fun, chick-lit style one written and I am sharing a little each day through my blog – it is totally unedited right now though. Once it’s all completed I will begin the edit!

    Sounds like your evening with a stylist was great – how awesome to be able to network with “real” published authors – I find those type of things really give me extra motivation, as it allows me to see the authors are normal woman, just like me, the only difference being, they are published. I truly believe if you work hard enough, anything is possible… I have always worked that way and it hasn’t failed me yet.

    Going to link to your page so I can check back and read someday you are published! Good Luck!

    • Hi Catherine,
      Thanks for stopping by. What’s your blog address? I’d love to take a look at your story. It’s so brave you posting it for the world to see!
      You’re right, it is a massive motivation boost – I’ve actually written more of the 2nd novel today! It does make you think… if they’e just human, and I’m just human… Maybe… Just maybe.
      Thanks again for the comment, and the link 🙂

      • Hi again NTWG! Congrats on writing more of your novel – that’s awesome – sometimes the biggest struggle is finding time, not ideas, or words. My mind is constantly thinking up paragraphs and dialogues… I think I have about three different novels happening in my brain right now!

        My site is

        I’d love if you stopped by 🙂
        I also found Fiction Friday here, thanks to you and plan on participating in that also, so would be great to connect and read each other’s entries.

        Keep writing, if nothing else, for you very own self.


  4. I’m glad you had a good time and thank you for sharing your experiences 🙂
    And I agree with Lisa- finishing a novel is a HUGE achievement, it’s not something everyone can do. Taking it to the next step, meaning publication, is a whole different thing…

  5. Yay – I’m glad you posted about this. I was wondering how it went!

    It certainly does sound like you’re doing very well indeed! And writing a novel is a major accomplishment. 🙂

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