Archive | September 1, 2010

Wednesday’s Warblings

I totally don’t have time to blog today before leaving work, but can’t fail for no reason on day one of a new month.

September! Wow! Seriously, how did that happen? I remember feeling at the beginning of August that it was going really slow, but then it feels like yesterday it was the 6th or something!

So, September. That’s just two months until NaNoWriMo starts. People are starting to talk about it a lot on Twitter. I’m kind of getting excited. Except I don’t have a clue what the hell I’m going to write about.

The next assignment for my writing course is plotting a novel, so I think I should mix the two and plan my NaNo novel. The problem with that is, I actually also fancy using ‘Holiday’ for that assignment. I like the idea of getting some feedback for it. But then I’d be killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Oh I don’t know.

I’ve literally done NO work today, and yet I’ve not had a chance to do any writing. I did read 9 pages of my writing course, so I guess that’s really good. I’ll try to finish this module tomorrow, then the next on Friday. I might, might be able to start the assignment next week – I’ve another 2 modules to read after these two. Maybe.

I’m going back ‘home’ this weekend which should be fun, but am debating how to get there. The last couple of times I’ve been I’ve had horrible driving journeys, so am tempted to get the train. But I’ll miss having a car there. BUT if I ‘let the train take the strain’ I’ll be able to get a lot of reading done on the train. Which is very tempting.

Last time I got the train home I wrote a scene by scene plan for a novel for my writing course. It was a story idea that they had, then I had to go away and make the plan. It was brilliant. So, it seems I work well on the train. Grr, I don’t know what to do!

Right, just enough time for a quick read over before I go home (for home read ‘the pub 🙂 ). I wish I could throw out blogs this quickly all the time, I’d do three a day (maybe it’s best I don’t – ha).