Archive | September 7, 2010

Today’s Trashy Titled Blog

I am in a serious bit of agony, and not too sure if I’m going to be able to write a whole blog, let alone anything else today 😦

Over the weekend I may have spent a little too much time playing on silly Facebook games on my laptop (yes the one I left at my Mum’s – I seriously hate that laptop at the moment!). I think that’s caused the back of my shoulder and tricep to be in extreme pain. I can’t think of anything else it could be anyway. *sobs* If only I’d spent the time writing instead of gaming 😦

I did a load of writing yesterday. When I say ‘a load’ I mean something like 350 words. But considering how little I’ve written recently, I’m pretty happy with that. Other than the stories I write for Fiction Friday, I’m pretty much not doing any writing at the moment. It’s rubbish and I can’t seem to break the cycle of not doing anything.

I should be doing so much at the moment. Every other day at work, I do NOTHING (except try to look busy!). I’m going to get to the end of this time here and hate myself for not doing more and wasting such a great opportunity to write etc.

I am doing pretty well with my writing course though. I’m in the middle of reading (well, re-reading) six modules before I can do anything else. Reading’s easy. I can do that. The next bit’s going to be fun too – plotting a novel. I should aim to get that done before I leave this job…

I seem to be spending an almighty amount of time having interviews at the moment – I’ve had one today and have another later on. It’s crazy. Good crazy though. Well, it will be if at least one of them pays off and I get offered a job!

I’ve started reading the book for the Chick Lit Book Club that I’m going to get involved in. I can’t remember if it’s next week or the week after. I’m really excited about this. The book we’re reading is The Wedding Party by Sophie King. To be honest I wasn’t too excited about reading it. I think the cover’s a little to bland for me. Maybe not bland, but… something. It’s not vivid enough, the colours look like they’ve faded. That was my first impression anyway. I’m about 50 pages into it and quite enjoying it. Just goes to show – don’t judge a book by it’s cover!