Archive | September 9, 2010

You Learn Something New Everyday

Twitter is awesome. I always thought I liked it,  but now I know I LOVE it. I want WordPress to automatically post my Fiction Friday blog tomorrow, but didn’t have a clue if you can, or how to do it. 1 little question to my Twitterverse and I get the answer. Awesome. Thanks John and Kath if you read my blog 🙂

Oh I’ve just realised how cool that’s going to be. At 0.01 tomorrow morning, I’ll have a blog posted here, Twitter will link to it, and if I put the hash tag in the title of the blog, it will also link to the tag #fictionfriday. All while I’m asleep (or not asleep, as I’m on holiday from tonight I imagine I won’t be sleeping at that time).

So yeah, I go away tonight. In fact, in an hour I’ll be on my way to the station. I can’t wait. 4 days of no work. Woop! I’ve briefed my cousin on the fact I want to get some writing done and read quite a bit. She’s fine with it and going to do some uni work while I do my stuff. Result. Just need to somehow get my aunt occupied too and I’m sorted!

So I guess that’s it. There’s no internet at the flat we’re staying at, so I doubt there will be any blogs until next week. But, apparently there are internet cafes in Bournemouth so you never know!