Archive | September 11, 2010

Holiday: Day 1

 Well, I wasn’t actually planning on blogging while I’m on holiday, but as I’ve actually done things today that are worth writing about I thought I should.

We got down to Bournemouth last night. When I went to bed (pretty late) I decided as I was on holiday and didn’t have to get up early, I could let myself read. So I let myself read for about half an hour. I’ve not read before bed for ages – it was great.

Today I got up and decided I was going to write 1,000 words. The first 100 were nearly as bad as pulling teeth. The next 200 were almost as bad. After that I got pretty much into it and made it to 850. I was so happy. It’s the most I’ve written since… um… well… NaNo last year? Very possibly. I also found my ‘Holiday’ folder to find out the character names – there were a couple of minor characters’ names I’d forgotten. It was really exciting reading back through bit like that, it’s given me another boost to get on with it.

After all this I read quite a bit of Mini Shopaholic, then did some other stuff – running, surfing, dinner etc. After all that I came back and wrote more to take today’s word count up to 1075. Excellent. I’m really proud of myself for doing so much today.

Oh, I also got offered a job, refused another one and handed in my resignation. Bit of a result of a day really – lets hope the rest of my holiday is as successful.