Life’s About to Change

Unfortunately I don’t have any writing news, which isn’t too good. But I’ve got some other news. I’ve verbally accepted the job I really want. Woo Hoo! No unemployment for this one! (which is a bit of a shame, I like the idea of sitting at home writing  instead of going to work! I think my landlady will appreciate me working though!). I’ve got 3 weeks 1 day left here, a four day weekend, then I start.

I’ll be working half an hour less a day, and finishing earlier in the evening, so I’ll have to become disciplined and go home and write after work. Maybe I’ll get the chance to do some during my lunch break too. Who knows. It feels like the right thing, even if my writing suffers – which to be honest I don’t think it will. I’ll just have to become more organised.

I’m not going to be able to go to that book club tomorrow. I’m not even half way through the book yet. Damn. I’ll email the girl that’s running it and see if I can get in with the next book. I’m a bit disappointed in myself, but it’s worked out quite well cause now I’m not going there, I can go to the gym, and have tonight free for the cinema (when I should have been going to the gym). Would have been good if I said it left me to go home and write wouldn’t it!

As I’ll have regular working hours in the new job I’ll be able to join a writer’s group and know I can go every month/two weeks whatever. There’s a couple I’ve got my eye on, so I’ll look into them a little more in the next couple of weeks.

Hey, it’s Hump Day today – only 2 working days until the weekend! Result.

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