Mills and Boon Competition Results… And More

The results for the first round of the Mills & Boon competition are out. I’m not in the top ten. Still, with 824 entries, I didn’t really expect to be.

I am however, very happy with my result. My chapter was voted on by 8 people – that’s a pretty good number. 8 people cared enough to vote on it (some entries only had 2 or 3 votes). My score was 37%. When I first started to read them, I thought that was really low. But, the top score was only 48%. In contrast the lowest was 20%, so my story’s pretty much in the middle score-wise. As the advert (for some kind of butter or something) says – the Middle is a great place to be.

Also if you list all the entries in order of score I’m in the middle-ish. My entry is on page 54 out of 83 pages. Considering I only started writing properly 18 months ago, and considering I only found out about the competition a week before the closing date, I’m really happy with it.

It’s also another competition I’ve entered. Each time I enter one it’s going to get easier. And each one I enter and don’t win, it’s a step closer to winning. Look at me and my positivity today.

There’s a little relief that I didn’t come in the top ten and have to submit Chapter Two. That would be another week of editing. Which I will have to do at some point, but not now.

I think the best thing to have come from this whole experience, is the fact I’ve started editing Italian Infatuation. Without the push that this competition gave me, I never would have started it. Am so happy I have.

Although now, there’s only just over a month until NaNoWriMo. Where I’ll need to focus ALL my attentions on the novel I’m writing. So won’t be able to even think about Italian Infatuation.

That is a point actually, I need to start thinking about that novel. And reading about YA novels and stuff. Maybe a YA novel isn’t the greatest idea when I’ve not done that much reading of the genre. Maybe I should do another novel I’ve been thinking of for a year or so.

Grrrrr. I don’t know.

I want my NaNo novel to coincide with my writing course. In that for my next assignment I need to plot a novel. I’d like it to be my NaNo novel. Which means I should send my assignment in by mid October to get the results (up to) ten days later, to then have time to take on my tutor’s comments.

I really should get cracking on that then shouldn’t I…

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