October = #NovelPI Month (Mark II)

Oh no. In a moment of madness – without thinking about it, I signed up for a Novel Push Initiative in October. I’ve signed up for 250 words a day with Nick over at 5-Rings. Part of me thinks I’m pretty stupid (I seriously did not thing about it, I read about it on Merrilee‘s blog, went over and signed up) but the bigger part of me is happy. A few months ago I said I’d like to do another one, PLUS it’s the best warm up for NaNo!

Pretty much one year ago to the day, I signed up for my first NovelPI. It was hosted by the lovely Kait Nolan, and it took a lot of talking into – both from Kait and my boyfriend. 250 words a day? For 31 days? I’d never done anything like that. It was crazy. But I think I’d written about 7k words on a novel at the time, so thought it would be a great idea to move on with it.

As it turned out, I found 250 words a day pretty easy. Most Days I churned out more, in the end I think I completed about 13/14k in the 31 days.

Halfway through that month, someone pointed me in the direction of NaNo. Now, although I was finding 250 words a day a breeze, 1,667 was totally different. But, for some unknown reason, I signed up for it. And went on to complete it. Despite not writing for about 14 of the 30 days due to a stomach bug and then an operation!

Now gets the slightly disturbing bit of this post. For NovelPI last year, I worked on… Holiday. Yep, you know the one, the one I’m still writing. In fact… the one I’m going to be working on for this year’s NovelPI. That is ridiculous! In a year I’ve not finished it. In fact, in a year, I’m only about 3,000 words further on that I was on 31st October last year. *sigh*

My boss has given me loads of work to do today – that really sucks. I was planning on reading the next modules of my writing course. Obviously won’t be now. Ah well, there’s always tomorrow!

Totally unrelated to writing, but something I’m really proud of is that I went for a run in the rain last night. I’m training for a 10km run in… *screams… runs and hides behind the sofa… in her head anyway*… 10 days! AGGGGGHHHH. Um… Yeah. In 10 days I’m running the Cancer Research Run 10k. It must be said, I’m not totally ready for it (did you guess), but I see voluntarily going for a run in the rain as a huge step forward. Yay, go me!

6 thoughts on “October = #NovelPI Month (Mark II)

    • Lets hope I get somewhere with it for NPI. Unfortunately NaNo has to be an unstarted novel, so by December I’ll probably have two unfinished novels. Stilll, I’ll be 57,250 words closer to finishing them than I am now!

      Good luck in NPI yourself.

      Thanks for visiting and the comment.

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