Reading, Books and the NaNo Sign-up

I’ve done it again – read another book without updating my side panel. Well, I was reading Husbands by Adele Parks. It was great (it was Adele Parks, of course it was going to be great!). What I liked the most (looking back) was that the ending wasn’t predictable, I love that.

I’ve now started reading a book I’ve been thinking about re-reading for ages. Summer Dreams, Winter Love by Mary Francis Shura. It was my favourite novel as a teenager, in fact it’s the only book I ever remember reading more than once (I think I must’ve read it at least a hundred times!). I was a little worried about picking it up, what if it’s not as good as I remember it being? That will be my favourite book wrecked!

However as I’m hovering round the idea of a YA novel for NaNo, I thought now is a great time to read it!

What has really annoyed me about it, and I’d forgotten, is that there’s writing all over it. When I was a teenager (maybe about 14) I lent it to one of my friends, who proceeded to write notes all over it – joking notes to me from her and another friend. They ruined my book! Not happy. It’s only in pencil, so in theory I could rub it out, but then there’s the risk of creasing the pages etc. How can someone do that to a book?!

Needless to say, I never lent her another book!

So, NaNo! I don’t know what to do. I guess I have ideas, so that’s good; but I have two ideas and am not sure which to go with, not so good.

Months and months ago, my boyfriend came up with a rough idea for a novel. He thought he wouldn’t be able to write it, so told me about it. I loved it, and wrote a rough plan of what could happen, and gave it a totally rocking title. It’s been going round my head ever since, so maybe now’s the time to do something about it?


I’ve got this other idea. It’s a YA, kind of romance/friendship novel. I know a few things about it, and keep thinking up more. I’m really quite excited about this (except the title’s not as good as the other one, in fact I’ve not even really decided on the title yet).

The problem with both is that I’ve not done enough reading in either genre recently (forget the book I’m reading now, I really should be reading current novels, not 20 year old novels!). The problem with the black comedy, is I’m not sure I can write funny. Another problem with both of them is that I don’t know what’s going to happen.

I want to know what’s going to happen because when I wrote Italian Infatuation last year for NaNo, I had a plan of what was going to happen. It wasn’t in that much detail, just: Day 1: blah; Day 2: Blah blah,  etc. As I wrote, I filled in the detail but always knew the overall picture. That maybe why I’m not doing as well with Holiday (I NEED to change the title of that, I hate it) – I know what happens at the end, but no idea in the middle, not even roughly!

My plan to decide which one to write is to sit down and plan them both. From that I hope I’ll see that I’ve got more for one than the other, and will hopefully be more excited about one. Hopefully.

I’ve just been on the NaNo website, and signed up again. That’s it, I’m in, no getting out of it now. Not that I was going to anyway. From 1st December last year (the day after NaNo finished) I knew I’d do it again. There must be something wrong with me.

Let me know if you’re stupid enough to sign up as well, and we can be buddies (I’m Newtowritinggirl!) 🙂

We’re on day 4 of Novel Push Initiative. I’ve successfully completed days 1-3 – woop! I signed up to 250 words a day, and just like last year, I’m doing loads more. I can’t check how many I’ve done, but I must be on 1,000 plus. In just three days. Result.

You may ask why I can’t check? Cause Twitter’s blocked here at work. NOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo! And Facebook. Facebook I think is a great thing, I check it far too much at work, and seeing as I’m about to start a job where I need to work, I’m happy with that. But Twitter???? What am I going to do without my daily (ok, almost hourly then) Twitter fix?? This just goes to prove I NEED to get one of those phones that have excellent internet etc. I’m tempted my an i-phone, but someone very close to me hates them with a passion, and has made various threats if I get one… Hmmm… My current contract’s not up until November so I’ll look then I guess. Oh yes, just in time to be a NaNo distraction – excellent!!

7 thoughts on “Reading, Books and the NaNo Sign-up

  1. I’ve very close to taking the plunge and making the NaNoWriMo commitment. I did some very rough outlining this morning and got excited about it. I’m going to play around with an outline and go from there.

    My biggest concern is loosing a day of writing, here and there, to take care of my daughter. With November right around the corner I better get things ironed out and make a firm decision.

    In regards to the phone, I would have went iPhone if I would have had a better experience with the carrier (It is AT&T here in the US). Due to my poor past experience, I opted to go the Blackberry route. It was a decent phone that served its purpose, but it was outdated when i bought it (got a 2 for 1 offer for my wife and I).

    We gave up the Blackberry phones about a month ago and went with an Android OS. So far the phones have been fantastic and are feature rich. The only downside is that the battery life isn’t so great.

    At the new job already? Seems like just yesterday I read that your were putting in your notice. Time is flying bye. Good luck with NaNo, the phone, and the new job.

    • If you think you can do it, just take the plunge and try it. The way I saw it last year was if I tried and didn’t succeed, at least I would have tried. Last year something like 130,000 people started it, but only 32,000 completed it. Imagine if you started it and only wrote for 15 days, that’s still 25,000 words. 25,000 more than you would have done if you didn’t do it.
      Personally I think you can do it. I know it will be a struggle with looking after your daughter, but I think you’re determined and will be able to do it!!
      Thanks for the advice on the phone.
      No, I finish this job on Friday, I start the next one a week tomorrow. Exciting!

  2. I’m in. I’ve even updated the “novel info” section. 🙂

    You can get around the Twitter lock-out if you know the administrator log-in on the system. Just sayin’. 😀

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