Without FB & Twitter… What Am I doing?

It’s 4.30 PM. Now I don’t have Twitter or Facebook at work, you’d think I might have done some writing today wouldn’t you. Uh… No! I have no idea in fact what I have been doing. How does that happen?

For the last 20 minutes I’ve been doing something pretty productive. I’m kind of plotting one of the ideas I’ve got for NaNo. I’ve got a couple of ideas for the title, so until I decide on one, I’m going to call it DD. This is the young adult one. At the moment I’m loving the idea. I think it could really work.

I think it’s going to be 1st person again and the MC is 16, maybe 17. I’m getting her worked out in my head. And her best friend. The other girl that’s going to hold a pivotal role in the novel, I’m not so sure about. One of my problems with her is that she’s American. Language and slang are going to be a problem. I wonder if watching hours of American TV could be classed as research…? Friends/How I Met Your Mother here I come. Ooh, I could probably watch the Gilmour Girls too, that’s got a teenager in. Oh! And Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Or maybe I should find something more modern, with teenagers, so the language is up to date. Or, maybe I shouldn’t use TV at all?!?

I’ve not started on the plan for the other novel, maybe I’ll get as excited about that as this one, but at the moment I doubt it. I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing this one in November. I think I decided that at the weekend, but I’m not sure. Not 100% anyway. Not yet.

This does mean that I need to read some YA novels before November. I don’t have any at home to be read… so I think I need to visit the library. Woo hoo. Uhm, I mean, oh no!

Well, that and… buy a new book! I just snuck off to buy a book (hooray for Amazon). It’s Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. There was a lot of hype about this when it came out, and I really wanted to read it, but never got round to buying it (or wouldn’t let myself with such a huge TBR pile of books at home). Now I have an excuse. Excellent.

On Amazon I also stumbled upon a book called Before I Die (by Jenny Downham). I nearly bought it, but then told myself buying two books that revolve around death probably isn’t the greatest move. Maybe I’ll get it next month or something.

I’m really enjoying Summer Dreams, Winter Love. I thought that it might not be as great as an adult as it was at 13, but I think it is. It’s really good to be reading just before I write a YA novel anyway. It’s shown me that there’s not that much difference between YA and adult romance (except some of the things the characters do!). It’s all about emotion and falling for someone. That’s almost the same however old you are. You still get the rush when you see them/kiss them etc. It’s just how you handle it is different.

It’s now 17.30, and I’ve still not done any writing today. I should be shot, seriously! I’m going to do some now, then when I get home later too. Or maybe I’ll do some plotting (for Holiday) instead. I think it would be easier to start writing if I knew what I was about to write! Who would have thought I’d be a plotter not a panster when it comes to writing??

10 thoughts on “Without FB & Twitter… What Am I doing?

  1. I wouldn’t use TV as an accurate portrayal of today’s teens. The best advice I can give is take a notepad and go to places where teenagers regularly hang out. Try going to coffee shops, game arcades, malls and observing young people in the age demographic you’re looking for.

    You can even try contacting your local schools and ask if you can sit in the back of class to observe. Parents do it all the time. Just be frank and honest about your intentions to be there (so they don’t think you’re a creepy stalker).

    I wish you the best of luck! My blog is chock full of writing and Character Development prompts, so if you’re ever feeling stuck, come on by! I also have a writing profile on Nanowrimo under this same username. I look forward to reading about your Nano-ventures!

    • That’s such a good idea, I think I’ll do that. I’m also lucky enough to have two teenage cousins, so think I’ll be stalking their Facebooks and asking them for help.

      That sounds like a great blog, I’ll def head over there for a look.

      Good luck with NaNo. It’s going to be so much better this year than last with all my WriMo ‘friends’ 🙂

  2. If watching TV counts as research then maybe I should write something using a character from the UK. With all of the Top Gear and Chef Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares that I’ve watched on BBC America, over the past couple of months, I just might be able to pull it off 🙂

    Dialect and slang are tough things to get a grasp on. Between Twitter, BBC America, and Facebook, I sometimes find myself Googling things like Define: Tosser in order to get a better understanding of the word. I know it is used as an insult, but that is about as far as my understanding went for that particular example.

    I think television would be a good research tool. It would show you, rather than tell you, how different slang terms are used in different scenarios. Then again, slang can have different meanings depending on area. A show like Friends might work for you if your American character was from New York, but might now work so well if they were from Los Angeles.

    Not having Facebook or Twitter throughout the day must be tough. When I’m not in front of a computer (I work at a computer) I always have my phone handy when I want to catch up. I don;t know what I would do if I had to give them up cold-turkey.

    • If you ever do write a British character and need any help (along with all that TV) you can always call on me, I’d be happy to help!

      I find Urban Dictionary really good for finding out things I’ve not heard of before.

      Funny you say that about NY vs LA etc, read a blog saying the exact same thing earlier today. That’s another thing I’ll have to think about.

      I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned to you I lived in the US for a year (pretty close to you I think – NW Philly nr Conshohocken!). I wish I’d been there more recently to remember the lingo so could use that. In the 9 years I’ve been back I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten it – shame!

      You’re right, not having them is killing me. Especially last night when I was out after work so couldn’t even come home and play on them. I’ll just have to look into getting a cook phone so I can get 24 hour access 🙂

      • You never mentioned that. Conshohocken isn’t terribly far (about an hour drive from where I live now). I spent a little bit of time in that area, I grew up in Philly (Kensington)

        • The differences between what the English and Americans classify as far away amuse me. Over here, an hour’s drive is quite far (although maybe not so in London) but over there it’s pretty much on the doorstep. 🙂

          • Gas prices probably have a lot to do with that. I have family in Scotland that come to visit every couple of years. I remember one time we were at the Gas station, filling up before driving out to meet another family member. My cousin must have went on an hour-long tirade about how much he would have paid back home for what was put in our gas tank.

    • Oh, I hadn’t thought of reality TV. You’re a genius! Hope you’re holiday was good (I’ve not had a chance to visit your blog since you’ve been back, I’m sure when I do I’ll find out you had a great time!!!).

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