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Fiction Friday 8th October – The Time Traveller

Your Main Character is a time traveler.  He/She arrives at a destination but not all is as expected….

I thought the prompt was ‘…not as it seems…

I nearly didn’t play this week. I’m taking part in a Novel Push Initiative where I have to write 250 words a day (I’ve chosen to be on my novel ‘Holiday’). Until I read it, I had hoped I could use it to write one of the scenes, but there’s definitely not any time travellers in my chick lit story. Then an idea came to me. You know those ideas that you can’t shake. It’s an adapted scene that I wrote earlier in the week.   

Day 46: London Gatwick Airport, UK. 2010.

I can’t believe I’ve been sent back to the dark ages again. I know this assignment is to see how human interaction has changed over the last 50 centuries, but I wish for once I’d get sent somewhere modern. And I thought 3415 was bad on days 1 and 2.

I read the history of these ‘Airports’ on the way. Back in the 2000s humans travelled on large vehicles called airplanes. They had to go at certain times, and pay ridiculous amounts for these flights. Teleporting wasn’t invented until the 3rd Millennium.

My clothing is very weird. I’m wearing this funny material, cotton they call it. My suit is two piece, with one piece covering my legs and the other covering the top of my body. I’m really hot underneath it, even in the air-conditioning of the airport (I know, I can’t believe they’ve got air-conditioning in these times!).

I’m sat in something called a bar. It’s where they drink alcohol and sometimes eat. Alcohol is a poison that was outlawed in the late 2nd millennium. It caused all number of health problems, but our ancestors loved it.

I sit down at a table in the middle of the room. At the table next to me is a young couple. I presume they’re married or dating as they’re sat very close to each other and his arm slung over her shoulder. There’s another man standing by their table talking to them. I’ll listen in now:

Sitting man:        So where’s Simon?

Standing man:   He’s…

A man comes up behind them. They don’t notice him until he butts into the conversation.

New man:           I’m here.

The sitting man stands up and moves to the new man. They press the front of their bodies close to each other and slap each other’s back. I don’t understand this. It can’t be a mating ritual as the sitting man has a wife/girlfriend. The man sits back down and indicated to his girlfriend.

Sitting man:        This is Kate.

New man:           Hey Kate. We’ve heard alot about you.

Woman:               All good I hope.

Sitting man:        Of course. Simon shhhhhhhhh.

The woman hits her husband/boyfriend.

Woman:               Well, sorry guys, I’ve not heard much about you.

Standing man:   That’s fine. We’re actually Ryan’s friends not Dan’s so I’m not going to take it personally. Are you two alright for drinks.

He points at the glasses of poison on the table. The sitting man and woman both nod.

Sitting man:        Yeah cheers mate.

(note, look up the use of this ‘mate’ word. I’ve not come across it yet)

The standing man and new man walk to get more poison.

Sitting man:        Could you try not to be so obvious about fancying him please. You’re supposed to be my girlfriend, remember?

The woman’s face goes red. She looks quite cute actually like that. She reminds me a little of my third wife, or was it fourth? Of course she’s got much more hair on her head that her, and much less on the rest of her body. Her hair’s blonde and she flicks it behind her shoulder every now and then.

Woman:               I don’t know what you mean.

Sitting man:        Yes you do. I’ve known you long enough to know when you fancy someone! Please though can you try not to? This is really important to me. It can’t come out that we’re not together. We need to break up (he raises his arms and moves his 1st fingers up and down as he says ‘break up’) naturally. Please Kate.

Woman:               Of course darling.

She turns and places her lips on his cheek for a second. They look into each other’s eyes then both pick up their drinks and look away.

My timer bleeps. I stand up and move to another table to observe two old women by the window (I say old, old by 2010 standards. They’re probably only in their 70s). I’m glad I have the interaction recorded so I can watch it back before giving my report on this year. I don’t understand what just happened. They must have been pretending to be a couple, but I can’t work out why anyone would do that.

The old women are drinking another poison from this millennium – tea. It’s a form of caffeine. I hope they’re easier to understand than the younger people.

I don’t know if the layout works or anything, but it’s just a first draft. And more than likely just a bit of fun! Please let me know what you think of it.

Is anyone else doing NaNoWriMo in November? I’ve signed up. Would be great to buddy with any Fiction Fridayers that are doing it too. I’m registered as Newtowritinggirl.