Search Term Challenge Update

You may remember me mentioning before that I wanted to enter Ergo Fiction’s Search Term Challenge. You may remember me saying that I’d started writing it last week. You may then realise I’ve not mentioned it since then. Reason: I totally forgot about it.

It was only until 22.00 last night, while flicking round Twitter I remembered about it. That’s a problem when I’d only written 75/100 words. Closing date is 14th. That’s TOMORROW! Agh. Eek. Nooooo!

So at 22.30 I sat down to write it (Of course I took 30 mins to stress about it first). An hour later I’d written it, or draft one of it anyway. It did help that I’d already got it in my head.

My problem at 450 words was I was ready to start to finish it. The max number of words is 1,000, and although I know it’s absolutely fine to write less, I felt like I’d be missing out on words by not expanding it more. Of course now my problem is that it’s too many words. 100 odd too many. * sigh *

I’m a little torn about what to do with the story now. It’s due tomorrow, so I have just over 24 hours to get it in. What I’d like to do, is leave it today then pick it back up tomorrow and read and edit it then. But I’ll prob only get the chance to edit it once then, what if it needed more? But, if I do edit one today and edit two tomorrow, I’ve not taken enough time away from it to look at it through new eyes and spot my silly mistakes. What to do, what to do?

Because it was late last night when I started writing I had to use the story as my words for NovelPI. That’s not really a problem as the point of it is to write. BUT, I wanted to use it as writing my novel only. Oh well, I can’t really complain – I wrote over 1,000 words in an hour or so!

2 thoughts on “Search Term Challenge Update

  1. When I fell like I’m in a crunch to get something proof-read and edited, I hand it to my wife. It never fails, she always finds something that I’ve managed to skim past.

    My suggestion, give it to someone you are comfortable with and ask them to give it a read. I prefer to do this with people that I can literally hand the work to, so that I get a quick turnaround and am not sitting around, waiting on an email.

    Good luck

    • It’s such as good idea. Ideally I’d like to ask my mum, but like you say, she’s at the end of an email. Trying out my other half on it… Will be an interesting test. Thanks for the advice and wishes.

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