Fiction Friday 15th October Pants

The prompt this week from Write Anything is: What is your Characters Very Mild SuperPowers? Have a look at the link on the WA website, it’s pretty funny and explains ‘Very Mild Super Powers.’ I decided to bring back Dan from my novel Holiday for this one, and got an idea that didn’t take it out of the realms of possibility.


‘I’m sorry?’ Jayne turned on her stool to see a dark haired guy smiling down at her.

‘You’re wearing purple pants.’ His eyes smiled when he said it. Jayne considered her options. Yes he was hot, maybe late 20s with dark, quite short hair and what looked to be an expensive suit. The line was an obvious chat up line. But, she’d promised Tina a girl’s night out. This was Tina’s first outing since Adam dumped her, so she wouldn’t want to be dumped for a guy.

Still, she was in the loo, Jayne probably had a few minutes.

‘I’m wearing pretty low jeans. I’m sure you can see my thong popping through the top of them. I’m sorry Mister, but I’m not impressed.’ She smiled and turned back to the bar hoping he wouldn’t leave it at that.

He didn’t. He moved round to Tina’s stool and perched on the edge of it.

‘Ok, so yours was an easy one, it is poking out. And by the way, it is very nice. I have this, ability shall we say, to ‘’see,’’’ he moved his fingers like speech marks, ‘the colour and type of women’s underwear. It’s a skill and a curse.’ He swiped his hand across his forehead as he exhaled sharply.

Jayne nodded and turned back to her drink.

‘You don’t believe me?’ She looked up at him, keeping her chin low so she had to look up through her eyelashes at him. She shrugged her shoulders at him.

‘It’s not all that believable is it really?’

‘Oh but it is. Take this barmaid here. She’s wearing black.’ He leant in close to Jayne and lowered his voice. ‘Granny pants.’ That made Jayne laugh. ‘Look, we’ll check. Excuse me,’ he signalled over to the barmaid in question. ‘Can I get you a drink?’

Jayne looked down, she still had half her drink left. Besides she was doing rounds with Tina, it was hardly fair if she got one from this guy and Tina didn’t. Wouldn’t work on the confidence boosting.

‘No thanks. I’m fine thanks.’

‘You’re here with a friend I see.’ The guy nodded down at Tina’s wine. ‘Please let me get you both one. I’ll even tell you the colour of hers when she comes back.’

‘How do you know I’m with a girl?’ she challenged the man.

He signalled at the barmaid again and she headed over. ‘Lipstick on the glass. Hi! 2 Vodka Cokes please, and…’ He looked at Jayne.

‘No honestly it’s fine thanks.’

‘Please let me buy you a drink. Come on, this nice bar tender is waiting for your order. Come on please?’ He tried to look sad, which made her laugh.

 ‘Two dry white wines please.’ She surrendered.

‘Two dry white wines please. Thank you.’ The barmaid moved off to get their drinks as Jayne saw Tina walk out the bathroom at the other end of the room.

‘Look, I’m sorry to be rude, but I’m really here on a girls night out with my mate who’s just been dumped. Thanks for the drink, but we really don’t want male company tonight.’

He guy didn’t look phased. ‘No worries…’ He stammered


‘Jayne. I’m Dan.’ He took her hand and shook it. There was no electricity, but he did have a firm handshake. ‘Look Jayne, let me take your number. I’d like to take you out one night to talk more about this skill I have. I don’t think I’m going to ask this bar lady to confirm, she doesn’t seem the friendliest of people.’ He leant in so close to Jayne she could smell his aftershave. ‘And for the record, your mate’s are pink.’ He handed a note to the bartender.

‘Sure why not.’ He took his phone out and took her number. ‘I’ll speak to you soon,’ he said as he walked off with his drinks, smiling at Tina as she jumped back up to her seat.

‘Who was that?’ Tina asked.

‘Oh some guy. Some guy that wants to take me out!’

‘Wow, that was some quick work. So anyway as I was saying…Adam text last night…’


When Jayne and Tina left the bar 20 minutes later Dan waved at her. She got a flicker of nerves in her stomach as he did that. She waved back.

‘Hey Tina, I forgot to ask. Random question I know, but what colour pants are you wearing…?

Yeah, so I made Dan’s Very Mild Super Powers knowing the colour of people’s underwear. I thought this was pretty good, because we never find out if he’s right or not, except with Jayne, who’s pants are obviously on show.

Please let me know what you think.

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