Archive | October 18, 2010

I Blame the New Job

Cause I can’t possibly take the blame for anything myself, I’m blaming my new job. For my lack of blogging over the last week. I’m not sure what my excuse is for the weekend. Actually I did more over the weekend with my Fiction Friday story than I usually do over a weekend.

I did know this would happen with the new job, but I think I didn’t consider everything that would happen. I thought I’d be able to blog at lunchtime and after work. I didn’t consider I might start going out to lunch with friends, shop at lunch, or go out so much after work. I think last week was pretty unusual, I was out every night, which I’m not planning on doing every week.

This week for instance I’ve only got two nights out. That leaves another three to be at home writing and blogging. Woop! Also I’ve been told about this program called Posterous where once you’ve set up an account, you can EMAIL your blog and it will get posted automatically on your blog. Wow. At first I didn’t really get the point, but thinking about it, it’s much easier to go onto an email than WordPress during the day. Especially as my computer faces the whole office. I’ll be trying that this week.

I’m getting a bit stuck on Holiday. Every time I go to write it, it’s a struggle. I’ve said this before, but I think it’s because I’ve not got a plan. There’s always the fact that I’m writing so many different parts, I always have to think about which one would be the most interesting at that time. Usually none of them jump out at me. Sigh.

I’ve just taken on some extra work too, helping out my family with a business. Hopefully after it’s all set up it won’t be too much work a week, but right now I thinking I’m looking at quite a lot of work. Hopefully it will pay off for me. I’m hoping I’ll be able to give up my 2nd job as a waitress because of it.

My housemate’s going on holiday next week. I’m really looking forward to it. It means I’ll get home from work every night switch on my computer and write, with no TV like I’ve got on now. Also my man is away, so I’ll have no distractions in that way. I really wish it was in November instead for NaNo.

I’ve decided I’ll take at least one day off in November. I’ve got six left this year, and I really think NaNo is a great reason to take some of them. I might even take a long weekend off and go down to Bournemouth for a few days (oh how I love having family with a holiday flat!). I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it a little more.

The light bulb has gone in my bedroom. If it hadn’t I’d go in my room to some writing. We do have a corner shop just on the… uh… corner, but I can’t be bothered to go. Housemate says she’s going to bed at 10, so I can get some done then. As long as I’m good and turn the TV off. That’s my problem, I can get in and not care about it, not be tempted to turn it on or anything, but if it’s on, I find it hard to turn it off!

Ok, time for writing. Honest!