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Fiction Friday – 179

In most parts of the world, Halloween is celebrated – in some form or another – this weekend. Your challenge this week is to write a horror scene ( or something horrific) using a wet noodle, a styrofoam cup and a feather.

The day Madison totally became one of us started off a normal school day. A few of us had the period before lunch off, a couple of others were bunking off. We were all in the common room, probably being a bit loud, but we didn’t really care – it was Friday morning, we’d nearly survived our first week back at school.

Madison was in the kitchen area behind me making a drink, we were chatting about the latest celeb magazine, who was shagging who and what so and so had worn to a premier the night before. Emily and Chris were making out on the sofa opposite me. Every now and then someone would tell them to get a room – especially when Chris pulled out a long white feather and started tickling her arms, top of her chest and neck with it.

I was feeling jealous, not cause of Chris, god no, I’d known Chris most of my life, he totally didn’t do it for me. I was jealous because I wanted a boyfriend. I know it was my fault, I had that and gave it up, but that’s the point, I had the boyfriend, but we didn’t have that closeness. Next time, I’m going to get someone who’ll be like that.

I was eating Supernoodles. At this point I still hated cooking, so the extent of what I could be arsed to do was Supernoodles. Madison came to sit on the edge of my sofa, but somehow missed and her Styrofoam cup went flying. Coffee – luckily iced coffee – went flying through the air, straight onto my plate.

Everyone burst into hysterics except Madison and me. Madison was mortified and I was gutted. Still it was enough to stop the love birds from eating each other. When most people had calmed down, Mark was still laughing, so I picked up a couple of noodles and flicked them across the room. It was the best shot of my life – it hit his forehead, half sticking to his hair. He shrieked like a girl – honestly.

What happened next totally went in slow motion.

Mark peeled the noodle off his face and threw it across the room (he didn’t throw like a girl – he’s in the cricket team). As it started flying across the room, the common room door flung open. Mr Henderson stood there, but before he could utter a word, my noodle slapped him across the face.

For a second there was silence. Even the song on Emily’s ipod chose that moment to end. Slowly the noodle unattached itself from Mr Henderson. Slowly, bit by bit it moved down his nose. Then it fell.

A couple of the boys sniggered. I knew Emily would be trying to stop herself from laughing as I was. I stared at the noodle on the floor knowing if I looked up at her I’d collapse into giggles. Not a good idea with it being Mr Henderson there!

‘What is all this noise? There are lessons going on downstairs. Are you all on free periods?’ he boomed at us all.

‘Yes Mr Henderson,’ we chorused in reply. He looked round at us all.

‘I want to see all of you in my office at the beginning of lunch period.’ With that he turned and slammed the door behind him. We all lasted the time it took to look round the room at everyone else before bursting into hysterics. 

‘Oh my god, did you see?’

‘The noodle!’

‘Mark I can’t believe that shot!’

We al talked at once. When we eventually calmed down, Madison realised the implications.

‘Shit, our shopping trip!’ Emily shrugged across the room.

‘We’ll go another time,’ then turned back to Chris and glued her lips to his for the rest of the period.

I’m not too sure how horrific that was, or wasn’t, but it was the best I could come up with I’m afraid!

Because I’ve been thinking a lot about my NaNo novel, I thought I’d use this prompt to find out a little about my main characters, although halfway through reading it I realised there was no dialogue. Hmmmm. Oh well, I still think parts of their personalities have shown through without them speaking. I hope anyway.

As always, please let me know what you think of it. Oh, and let me know what you think of the name of the novel I’m toying with – The Dating Project…