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NaNoWriMo – Day 20

I cannot believe it’s 20th November. Where has the month gone? There’s only 10 left. Craziness. Total craziness.

So where am I with NaNo? Well, remember last time I blogged I was about 1.5k behind? Well as of right now, I’m 3698 word behind. And that’s after writing 1960 today. Oh dear. BUT, all is not lost. It’s only lunch time today. I’m planning on kicking out at least another thousand today. Easy. The tomorrow I’m going NaNoRilla-ing.

NaNoRilla-ing you ask? It’s a full afternoon of writing in different location in London. We’re starting off at the Southbank centre then somehow, making our way along Southbank, stopping to write in different locations along the way. Last year, they wrote on the steps to St Paul’s and on Blackfriars’ Bridge. I must say, I’m really hoping there’s not going to be too much outside writing tomorrow, it’s SOOOOOO cold at the moment. Even if it is, I really hope by the end of the weekend I will have caught up.

If I haven’t, I do have a lifeline though. I’ve got Monday and Tuesday off work (YAY). I’m going down to Bournemouth tomorrow until Tuesday evening, but it’s not a holiday, I’ll be helping my aunt with some stuff. But, I should get a lot of time to write too. Last time I was there, I was knocking out 1,000 words a day, and that was pre-NaNo, pre-NovelPI, so really really good because I was doing it off my own back. I’d like to aim for 3k a day. I don’t think that’s out of the realms of possibility.

My NaNo story The Dating Project is going pretty well. After this bit coming up, I don’t really know what’s going to happen to get it to the end. That’s a little problem, but I’m sure I’ll find something. I just hope it’s not going to be too boring with the days at school and in lessons I’ll probably have to do.

There is one thing I don’t really like about the story – my characters are always laughing. The MC Lucy and her best friend are always looking at each other and laughing, or giggling, or sniggering or something. I’m getting a little bored of it. I’m also a little worried it’s making them a little 1 dimensional. I’m sure it’s not, because they’ve both got a lot going on as well, but.. well it will be interesting to read it and find out.

That’s right, I have to read it to find out, because I’ve not read any of it. Every day I read the last paragraph I wrote the day before, too see where I am, but nothing else. It’s a little worrying. Today I had to go back to find out something written at the beginning of the chapter I wrote a few days ago, and had totally forgotten something pretty major. Oops. I’m looking forward to finding all the discrepancies throughout it.

Most of the characters have names now, so that’s good. The best friend’s boyfriend is still X and I’m not sure if the person whose party they are about to go to has one, but other than that we’re pretty sorted on that respect. Although maybe not in the next scene when they go to a party so will be chatting to lots of people. Will be interesting to see how I handle that one. Hmmmm.

I don’t have any non-NaNo news I’m afraid as that’s taking up all my free time (except for going out etc – the reason I’m so behind). I’m really missing reading on the tube, but don’t dare start a book in case I really enjoy it and it cuts into my writing time. Poo!

In December I’m going to have to concentrate on the Thriller & Suspense Reading Challenge. I think I’ve written reviews for about 6 books, and read maybe 9. Which means I really need to read 3 or so more, and review them along with the other 3 I’ve already read. There’s no way I’m not completing that!

As I know you like it so much (well I do), here’s my geeky NaNo chart.

Day Target (total) Day Words Total words Variance
1 1667 1854 1854 187
2 3334 3099 4953 1619
3 5000 1643 6596 1596
4 6667 2459 9055 2388
5 8334 1035 10090 1756
6 10000 1690 11780 1780
7 11667 1970 13750 2083
8 13334 2035 15785 2451
9 15000 1201 16986 1986
10 16667 345 17331 664
11 18334 2121 19452 1118
12 20000 781 20233 233
13 21667 0 20233 -1434
14 23334 410 20643 -2691
15 25000 1806 22449 -2551
16 26667 2227 24676 -1991
17 28334 0 24676 -3658
18 30000 2473 27149 -2851
19 31667 527 27676 -3991
20 33334 1960 29636 -3698

Next time I blog, I promise it will look more healthy! And because I got a little sick of my online graph being out of date (I keep forgetting to update it daily), he’s my geeky graph of my word count:

It’s not all that clear, but you get the point. I’m so upset the blue (actual words) started off so much higher than the read (target words), then it swapped. But, I’m going to get it back. I really am.