A Not So Bloggy December

I don’t really have tha much to say, but I’ll try.

I’m slowly making my way through December. It’s not really containing writing, or blogging, but luckily for me, it’s containing lots of reading. I’m trying desperately to catch up with the Thriller & suspense Reading challenge. I need to read… Uh… I’ve not checked… But I think 4 books then review 6. But like I said haven’t checked. *sigh*. Maybe I should give up and start again next year? Yeah right! If I can write 50,ooo words in 30 days. I’m damn sure I can read 12 books in a year. Well maybe.

I’ve not done any writing for a while either. I hate it, but at the same time, after NaNo, I guess I deserve a little break. And with all the Christmas drink s and stuff going on… If I’m going to let myself off of anything… it really should be this. I’ll try harder as the month goes on. And into January. And especially when my story is published on a website…

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