Weekend Round Up

It’s quite a nice feeling, having something to write about. Granted I’m only encouraged to write because the other half is watching some rubbish kick-em all film so I’m having to find something else to do (I did try, but when someone was shot in the first five minutes and he literally exploded I decided it wasn’t my cup of tea!), but still, I’m blogging, and I’ve got something to say – YAY!

First of all, after about two years of people saying I should read Stephen King’s On Writing, I finally picked it up at the end of last week (it was a Christmas present – you have to love Christmas!). To start with I thought it was a bit strange – it literally was just chapter after chapter of little memories from his childhood. Strange, but not bad, because each memory shaped where he is now. It’s now starting to get really good, him selling his first story, novel etc. I got tingles on the tube when I was reading about his first HUGE payment for Carrie.

One of the most interesting things I’ve read so far, is that he didn’t and still doesn’t like the character Carrie. So far, I’ve made every one of my MCs likeable. When I’ve posted stories on here from Holiday and people have said they don’t like Dan (because, lets face it, he is a male slut), I’ve been quite upset because I love him. He comes from my imagination therefore to me, almost feels like my baby (yeah, I don’t have kids!). I can’t imagine writing about someone I don’t like. Yet. Maybe in time that will come…?

Another thing I’m getting from it, is a really big want to write. I guess it started last week when I thought about doing, and then wrote something for Fiction Friday. Then I spent quite a bit of time reading On Writing over the weekend, and since then I’ve got a craving to get my laptop and write. I don’t know why I’ve not done that. I guess I wouldn’t know what to work on, whether to carry on with my NaNo book, The Dating Project, or go back to Holiday. I guess there’s always Italian Infatuation that I could edit. Sigh.

I think I’m a little scared of The Dating Project, because I KNOW it needs editing a whole lot, and I don’t really want to. Not that I need to, what I really need to do is finish it. But then I really need to finish Holiday too. And think of a better name for it.

Because starting to write one of them again feels like such a big leap, I think I might do a few smaller things first. I might work on a piece for Fiction Friday, and maybe use a few daily prompts to get me back into writing.

Over the Christmas holiday I bought a couple of Jeff Abbott books. I didn’t WANT to buy two, but my boyfriend was sick of waiting for me to decide which one I wanted that he said he’d buy them both (result!). I was undecided because they were in the same series, but I couldn’t work out which came first (they said they were published in the same year – they lied). Anyway, point of this (other than I have a wonderful boyfriend) is that I’ve got my first book to read for this year’s Mystery & Suspense Challenge. A Kiss Gone Bad. I’m looking forward to it.

Right, I’m going to go and look at Fiction Friday now… Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever done it before Thursday!

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