2011 Draft Goals

I feel like I need some goals for the year. I’ve not really had a chance to think about them though, so I thought I’d have a rambling blog thinking about it as I write.

Fiction Friday: This is something I really enjoyed doing most of last year. If you’ve not seen it before it’s over at Write Anything. Every week they give you a prompt and you write for at least five minutes from it. Last year, it was pretty much doing this every week that taught me how to write short stories. Honestly. Before I started ‘playing’ I couldn’t comprehend how to get a whole story in a few hundred/thousand words. My entries started as a snap shot of a much bigger story. After a while I found I was completing whole stories.

Fiction Friday used to make sure I wrote at least once a week. For half the year that was pretty much all I was writing, which is why I’m really keen to carry on with it this year. Although, I’d like to write a lot more than once a week this year.

Blogging: Last year I got so into blogging. I loved it. Then I got a new job where I couldn’t write during work time. Suddenly my blogging stopped. I miss it, but haven’t found a routine that gets it back in my life. I need to find that, whether it’s a couple of days a week during my lunch break, a couple of evenings a week which I dedicate to it, or a mix of both. Maybe even at weekends. I HAVE to get back into it. Hopefully if I do, it will be another thing to inspire me to write – I can’t write a writing blog if I’ve nothing to write about. Right?

Editing: I feel like this year should be the year I learn to love editing. Or if not love it, tolerate it. I think the only things I’ve ever edited are two stories I used for magazine submissions, and my writing course work. I’ve one finished novel that needs editing, and two half written that will, at some point, need editing.

Last year I had a plan to write a story each week (unedited) for Fiction Friday, then the following week, edit it and submit it to #FridayFlash (a Twitter thing where you post edited stories) on the Friday. I think that’s a good plan to get me into the editing frame of mind.

Writing Course: I had totally forgotten I was doing a writing course until Stephen King mentioned writing courses in On Writing. On the tube this morning I tried to remember how far I’ve got on it, but I can’t. At all. I need to work on this more this year. I’ve now been doing it for nearly 2 years, and I’m not even quarter of the way though. That is disgraceful. I HAVE to work on it this year!

Website: I happen to know someone who knows someone who creates websites for a living. And apparently would be quite happy to design a website for me. I like using WordPress, but I’m quite into the idea of having my own website – under my real name. There’s a way of linking WordPress to another website, so I’ll do that.

Get Published: Ok, so I’m cheating on this one, I am going to get something published on a website – a short story I wrote last year. It’s a first step, it’s quite  a new website, for chick lit short stories, but regardless of how new it is, I’m getting a story published. That’s cool. And a great start to the year. A great enough start that it’s going to push me to sub more stories.

Finish a novel or two: I’ve got two unfinished novels. Two unfinished novels that I want to do something with. I’ve been writing ‘Holiday’ for about two years (longer if you count the year or so it was floating round my head) and I started The Dating Project for NaNo last November. I can’t get to the end of next year and still have them unfinished. I feel this year is also the year I find a better name for ‘Holiday.’

Join a Writing Group: I’ve been wanting to do this since I started this blog and writing properly(nearly two years ago) but have always had a reason not to do it – fear, lack of time, working hours etc. THIS year I’m going to do it. No excuses or reasons not to.

Write another novel: I’ve taken part in NaNoWriMo twice now, and ‘won’ twice. That means I’m going to have to do it again. 50,000 words, 30 days, November. Bring it on.

Read some books: I’m doing a Mystery & Suspense Challenge 2011. The challenge is to read 12 Mystery or suspense books in the year. So that’s 12. I want to read much, much more than that though. Last year I read 45. That’s so much better than the 17 the year before!

So there we have it. My ideas of what I could have as goals for the year. I’m going to have a think through about them then make some definitive goals by the end of the week.

I do have a problem though. I always only feel like I can only have one project on the go i.e. only work on my writing course, or only write a novel, or only edit a novel (the last one being hypothetical as I’ve never actually done that). Which means I need to decide what to do and when. And focus on that. I guess this goes back to setting writing time for myself.

Right, I’ll be back soon(ish) with some goals. Eek!


4 thoughts on “2011 Draft Goals

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  2. Looks like a solid list of goals. I have some similar ones, including finding the time to get back into writing. I’ve been itching to write lately, so I’ve been getting my fix on non-fiction informative type writing. It isn’t the same as doing fiction, which I miss.

    I also want to do more reading this year than I did last year. We talked on Twitter a bit about my goal of reading 12 books this year. So far I’m off to a great start and should finish my second book before the month is out.

    One thing I need to do more of is mix up the authors. I have a tendency to get wrapped up in a series and read all of the books. Right now I’m working on my 4th Joe Abercrombie novel with another one on its way. Last year I read 9 novels by Robin Hobb.I find that by reading so much from a single author, my writing tends to be heavily influenced by their style. While I don’t mind the influence, I think a broader range of reading will help me expand my writing.

    Good luck with your goals

    • Have you got your goals on your blog? I’ll have to take a look. I’m impressed you write non fiction as well as fiction, I’ve not mastered that one (I even chose to do fiction before non fiction on my writing course – which they recommend against).

      I totally agree with mixing it up. Last year my other half made me read (maybe that’s a big harsh – suggested) I read a couple of sci-fi books (something I’d never done and thought I would hate). I loved them. Hey, we should recommend books to each other to try something different! I promise I wouldn’t chose something chick-litty!

      • Trading book recommendations sounds like fun. If you have something in mind, shoot me an email and I’ll put it on my list of things to pick up. As long as you don’t go too chick-litty, I promise not to have you reading something the size of an encyclopedia 🙂

        I haven’t put any of my goals on my blog but it is a great idea for some additional writing. I think I’ll type those up and have something posted before the week is out.

        When I say I write non-fiction, I don’t mean writing that you would find in a novel. I write how-to type articles and life experience stuff for websites and magazines. The last article I wrote was included in a cigar magazine.

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