Still Thinking

I’m still thinking about my goals for 2011, so I’m not going to post them quite yet. As I finished the blog about it pretty late last night, I’m pretty sure I’m going to allow myself a little more time.

I’ve just had lunch in our canteen. I was going to try to read while I ate, but a Jacket potato apparently requires two hands, and I hate bending books back (generally my books have a maximum of one or two creases down the spine when I’ve finished them – my current book Stephen King’s On Writing has none and I’m on page 261 of 367 – result!). Instead of reading, I listened in to someone’s conversation – for writing purposes of course (!). On of the ladies (who I know is a big reader like me) was saying how she’ has just started a ‘fun’ way of getting through her to be read books. The first book she’s reading is by an author whose sirname beginning with A. Then she’ll go to B, then C etc. until she gets to Z. If there are more than one with any letter she’s going to read just one on the first time round, then go again.

How much do I love that idea. I’ll tell you how much. I’m going to set myself an A-Z challenge this year. 26 books, each one by a different author beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. I guess it can totally tie in with the Mystery & Suspense Challenge (12 books in that genre). I’m really excited now I’ve had this idea. SO excited.

I’ve just realised I can’t be the only one who’s thought of this can I? No, I can’t. A quick google search led me to A to Z Challenge. Becky (the organiser) has set three ways of doing the challenge A- 26 Authors alphabetically B- 26 titles alphabetically and C – 52 books, authors & titles. I’m sticking with my 26 authors. When I’ve finished this, I’m going to sign up, then that’s me, up, up and away! How exciting.  

The only downside to this idea, is that I’ve been planning my next book for a couple of weeks now. And the author’s name doesn’t begin with A. WAIT. I’m being stupid. YES IT DOES. Abbott (as in Jeff Abbott) certainly begins with an A. OH YES!!!!

Right, I’ve got 5 or so minutes left of my lunch break. That’s just enough time to have a quick peak at the Fiction Friday prompt for this week and make a start. Result.

6 thoughts on “Still Thinking

    • Four? Wow. You did have a lot on though, with starting school etc (how is that going?). I’m sure you can so better this week!

      I think I’ve only ever read one Stephen King novel as I’m not too into horror (hence why I’ve not downloaded Seven Days of Terror – just the title scares me – nothing personal!) and I read that YEARS ago. Reading about him writing certain novels in On Writing, I’m definitely going to change that one.

  1. Interesting post, cheers for the content to help pass a few minutes in the office!

    One thing though – now youve been able to make Jeff Abbott fit your system by using surnames, are you going to be consistent? Surnames only from here on in methinks!

    Love the blog, keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for visiting Steve, and thanks for your comment. It’s always really nice to hear that people enjoy my blog 🙂

      Oh definitely only surnames. I did have a slightly scary thought earlier – I’m going to have to find some for X. X? Oh dear!

  2. Good idea for a reading challenge.MIne is to read one novel by every author that went to my college. I probably have less than 20 on the list but it’s taking me a long time to do because I keep getting distracted by other books.

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