Archive | January 25, 2011

Back in the Dark Ages

I promise I’m not getting into bad blogging habits again, or non blogging habits if you think about it – I’ve just had a crazy weekend/early week where I’ve just not been able to blog.

On Sunday we got home from a night at a friends with me all excited about the day ahead – run and blog were on my agenda. Until we walked into the flat and found we had no electricity. NO ELECTRICITY! Hand on my heart, I did not realise how much we rely on it. We had no heating because although it’s gas, it needs electricity to light it (stupid if you ask me), ditto hot water. We have a pump to get water into the house, and that works on electricity, so had no water either. And then just no light, power etc.

At first I was ok. I thought it was a great reason to read rather than do the other things that take up my time – watch TV, movies, play on the internet etc. But then I got reminded it was winter and therefore gets dark before 5pm. It was about 3.

So, we checked into a hotel. We literally had no choice. In a hotel I couldn’t write, or read in fact. There was too much room service food to get and movies to watch. He he.

It’s now Tuesday afternoon, and I’m pretty sure we have electricity back. I haven’t heard otherwise, so I guess that’s a good sign.

So, hopefully today/tomorrow I can get back into  a routine. You know the routine of not having a routine. I’ll get there. Soon! Promise!