I’ve Only Gone and Done Some Writing

Yes, I kid you not. I actually came home from work, got out my laptop, searched for a prompt and wrote 308 words. Not that many, but much more than I’ve done over the last few weeks. Ok then, months!

Was it any good? No, it wasn’t. I got all mixed up with my tenses, which sucked. I’m going to go back to it tomorrow, or maybe even later tonight and see if I can see how and why I went wrong. I so need more practice, that didn’t used to happen. I suck. NO, I’m just out of practice. I need to get back to it. Tomorrow and Friday I should be able to do some. I’m starting to sort things out this weekend for moving, but I need the boyfriend around for that, and more boxes, so can’t do anything for the next couple of days. 500 words WILL be written (at least 250 a day) by the weekend. I’m not sure if I can realistically do any over the weekend, but baby steps.

The book I’m reading at the moment is great. It’s Fear No Evil by Allison Brennan. It’s supposed to be ‘romantic suspense,’ but in my head it’s totally thriller. It’s great. It’s gross (way too graphic for my liking about sickos that have really messed up minds), but it’s great. I’m glad I’m now living with my boyfriend, because I have to consider someone else when I go to bed. If I didn’t have to consider him, I guarantee I’d be up till at least 2 every night. Gripping is an understatement.

Speaking of my boyfriend, I actually have to thank him for doing my writing tonight, and doing this blog. I asked him to make dinner tonight, cause I was really tired, he said he would, provided I wrote 250 words and a blog. It’s so good having someone who is so supportive.

I’m now off to get my cookie – my treat for writing and blogging 😉

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