Random Writing – Sunday 6th March – ‘No No’

Well, saying I failed on my goal to write 250  words a day during my holiday is, well a pretty big understatement. On Tuesday I wrote a blog, but was way too tired to be able to write anything creative after that. And since then, hand on my heart, I just haven’t had time to do anything. I think I’ve maybe relaxed for about 6 hours over the last 9 days. And they were when we were with family, so I couldn’t exactly have whipped out the laptop and started a little writing.

But, on the positive side. I’ve moved. Woo! The flat currently looks quite a lot like a bombsite, and well over half our possessions are in a storage unit. But the main point is we’re in our new flat. YAY!

The second most important point, is that I’ve been craving (literally) all day to do some writing, but have been busy cleaning and tidying. After dinner though, I sat down and looked at the Fiction Friday prompt. It was to write a story in the style of Dr Seuss. Good prompt, but I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never read anything of his, shocking I know, so obviously couldn’t play this week.

With the Fiction Friday prompt being no good to me, I went to my second favourite prompt site – my favourite Saturday to Thursday I had the Write Idea. Today’s prompt didn’t shout at me, but the one from Feb 24th did. 621 words said it did anyway. Someone said I should post some writing I’ve done, and seeing as Linda (from I Had the Write Idea) has suggested a few times that I should post my writing from her prompt (I’ve used her prompts loads of times in the past when I’ve been stuck for an idea) I’ve decided I will.

So, Linda’s prompt is: So for today’s prompt, put your main character in a scene with a friend or close relative that just doesn’t agree with them. What happens? Does it flare up into an argument? Can one person let things go in order to prevent a fight? Does one person (maybe even your main character) argue to the point of ridiculousness?

As we all know (if you’ve been reading my blog) I hate editing, so I guess I’m posting my UNEDITED story from this prompt. I think it should be a scene from something bigger, although it almost feels like it has an ending, so maybe not. Please, if you’re reading this, let me know your thoughts – positive or negative, I’d love to know what you think.

‘He didn’t!’

‘Honestly, I swear he did.’

‘Marie, I was there, I know he didn’t.’

‘Well you must have been not listening or something, he said he fancied Jane,’ Marie insisted.

‘I was paying 100 per cent attention – you know I do when he says anything. He did NOT say a single word about Jane.’

Marie sighed and turned round taking a deep breath. She hated it when Fran got like this, she’d not back down, swearing she was right when Marie knew damn well she wasn’t. Usually she’d let it go, but this was to get Jane’s back so she’d stick with it.

Not that Jane would be grateful. She hardly even liked Callum, let alone fancied him, so wouldn’t care if he liked her or not. In fact she wouldn’t care what Marie had to say at all, but this wasn’t about Jane, this was about Fran and Marie. And Marie knew without a doubt that Callum had said he’d fancied Jane last week.

‘Look Fran…’

‘Don’t ‘’look Fran’’ me, I know he didn’t. I was there.’

‘Fran. I’m sorry but you’re wrong. I don’t even know why this matters so much to you. It’s not like you…’ Marie stopped. Of course, that was why she was being like this. Fran coloured slightly. ‘Jeez Fran. Why didn’t you tell me? Shit, I wouldn’t have been so insensitive if you’d said something.’

‘My feelings towards Callum are irrelevant to this argument. I know what I heard and know without a shadow of a doubt that he didn’t say he fancied Jane. Why would he? She doesn’t even like him.’

Marie knew that was a rhetorical question, Jane may not like him, but with her long blond hair, hourglass figure that she showed off to the world, cute face with freckles and bright blue eyes, she was every guy at the restaurant’s favourite. The fact she’d probably never said two words to Callum wouldn’t stop him fancying her. He was the new guy. Until he got to know her better he’d be under her spell – maybe even once he got to know her he’d stay under her spell – they often did.

Marie thought back to when John started. Like all other men (and the gay women) he’d taken an instant liking to Jane. Marie had taken an instant liking to him. Jane? Marie swore she’d been indifferent, but thought she’d picked up on Marie’s feelings for him, so had gone out with him.

After all that, after Jane treated him like shit and wore him down so much that when she dumped him he turned into a timed little shit, Marie was still sticking up for her. No, she reminded herself, this wasn’t about Jane, this was about Fran and her lies and exaggerations. The whole point of fight was that Marie had been there and heard Callum say he fancied Jane.

Marie turned back to Fran. She looked… she couldn’t place it. Sad? Could Fran be sad? In the 18 months Marie had known her, she’d never known her to be sad. But, if she fancied someone… Someone that blatantly wasn’t interested and then had to sit arguing about it, maybe that would make her sad.

What should she do? Part of her wanted to carry this on, she knew she was in the right. But the rest of her knew she couldn’t. If this was upsetting Fran, she couldn’t carry on. She’d have to show Fran for the liar she was the next time. This time, she couldn’t make her unhappy.

‘Oh god. Did you see Jamie tonight…’ she started, hating herself for being so selfless and not following through with her plan.


One thought on “Random Writing – Sunday 6th March – ‘No No’

  1. Yeah, you posted your results! Ha, I think we’ve all been in that situation. Funny thing, one friend often has that exact conversation with me.

    I love this line: Until he got to know her better he’d be under her spell – maybe even once he got to know her he’d stay under her spell – they often did.

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