Archive | March 8, 2011

A New Habit?

So, I think I’ve got a new habit. It’s semi good, but mostly really really bad.

We’re in our new flat – YAY! We only moved on Saturday night, so there’s still boxes everywhere, and if I’m totally honest, a whole load of boxes still in storage. We’ve taken a night off tonight for PANCAKES – woop – and probably my sanity, so all those boxes are staying packed tonight. I’ll carry on tomorrow.

So, my habit? I seem to have started writing again. YAY! In fact double, no triple YAY. But, I seem to be doing it in front of the TV. With the other half around chatting. And with Facebook open on games. TV + boyfriend + games = distraction. At the moment though, I’m writing. I’m sitting down and writing out of choice. I’m so happy about that, that I’m not going to beat myself up about where. I expect when this place feels more like home I’ll find somewhere better to write.

I’m not sure where that will be. I thought when we moved I’d be able to go sit at the table and write. At the  moment, the table is full of stuff so I can’t but longer term, I can’t do that anyway. The seats for the table are benches. Without backs. Totally not conducive to productive writing. I don’t know what I’m going to do about that. We have kind of been thinking of getting a new table, so that could be one solution. Although I like the size of the table, so could be good to keep it. The idea I’m floating around at the moment is just getting a proper comfy office chair. Or going in the bedroom. But, I really want a specific area for writing a place that I can go to just to write. Maybe in a ‘cosy’ one bedroom flat I’m hoping for too much? Only time will tell. What’s good at the moment is that I’m writing. And blogging!

What does help with the blogging (I’m really going to regret this later when he reads this) is the boyfriend having a semi new addiction to some silly Playstation 2 game. It means he wants to spend time on that rather than us both just slobbed in front of the TV. Usually I’d mind, but when it gives me the opportunity to write… why would I mind. I may have to buy him the next in the series when he finishes this one.

Did I really say that?

Ok, enough procrastination over the real writing.