I’ve just made a shocking discovery thanks to Chris today’s blogger at WriteAnything. It’s not really a discovery, but a realisation, I think I knew it before, but I’ve just re-realised, so I guess it’s not all that shocking either.

Chris was talking/blogging about not getting round to writing because he fills his life with other things. WOW – me too. I’ve been so busy recently house hunting, then moving and now unpacking that I haven’t had time to write. And my plan for lunchtime writing? Well, there’s always some reason to pop out, or some friend to meet – so that’s pretty much a non starter (except once).

It kind of made me thing… I procrastinate because I don’t know which project to work on. I’ve got a novel to edit, another two to finish AND a writing course to do. Maybe, if I could decide which one to concentrate on, I’d be able to make more time to write. Maybe not, but maybe.

So to try to combat this, I need to make a decision on what to do. HOW? Seriously, how do I decide?

I guess the simple answer is to work on the writing course because hopefully that will teach me about writing and editing, but wait… haven’t I completed the modules on novel writing? When I say completed, I’ve read them, just not done the assignment(s).

I think this is why I find NaNo so… I was going to say easy, but that’s not entirely true… manageable. I spend those 30 days 100% focused on one topic – no reading, no worrying I should be doing anything else, no nothing. And I guess that’s why I find Fiction Friday easy to do – I know I have to write from a prompt and post on Friday. Easy in terms of making myself do it that is. Again, when I sit down to do my piece, I’m not worried about editing, my course or any other writing, because this is what I need to be writing NOW!

So. I’ve discovered the problem. I need to find a solution. Should I say I’ll spend the next X weeks/months on one project then move to another? Or should I make a kind of timetable thingy and decide I should work on 2 projects simultaneously? E.g. 3 hours a week on one, and 3 on another? I know my writing course would have to be one of them, but which else?

Just writing this, I think I’ve decided, but I’m going to go and grab some lunch while I think about it a little more. This may be a day where I blog twice.


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