That’s it – I’m in. 80 days. 20,000 words or 40 hours editing or 40 hours of my writing course. In 80 days.

A Round Of Words in 80 days is the 80 day writing brainchild of Kait Nolan. I heard about it last week, which was just in time for the second round which starts tomorrow. Unlike the challenge of  NaNo – you set your own goals, then ‘check in’ twice a week (I’ll definitely be blogging on Wednesdays and Sundays for the next two and a bit months!).

Goals then: 80 days is a long time to try to write every single day, and I know there will be days where I just can’t find the time to get anything in. Instead of trying, I’ve decided to have weekly goals not daily ones, but base them on what I would like to achieve daily.

If I was to do a daily challenge, I’d set myself 250 words, OR 30 minutes of editing OR 30 minutes of my writing course. But I’m not, I’m doing weekly goals, so that’s 1750 words a week, or 3 and a half hours of editing or 3 and a half hours of the course – or a mixture of all three. So maybe one week I’ll get in half an hour of editing and 1500 words but none of the writing course, but the next week 2 hours of editing, an hour of the writing course but only 250 words.

What am I going to work on for this then? Well, for the work on the writing course, I’ll pretty much be working on the writing course. Whether that’s reading, writing, editing, thinking, planning, whatever. As long as it’s a whole 30 minutes on it.

When I do editing, I’m going to work on Italian Infatuation. Since I read this out at my first writer’s group session last week, I’ve been wanting to get back to it, so this is the perfect thing to give me the kick I need to start. Especially as at the group I got some really good comments which will improve chapter one to improve it.

The writing then? I’m going to be pretty vague here and say 30 minutes writing anything. That’s partly because I haven’t decided what I want to work on next, but also because there are small things that I’d like to do and include them in this challenge – Fiction Friday for one.

That’s it then. I’ll check in for the first time on Wednesday. Anyone else in?

80 days… GO!


7 thoughts on “#ROW80

  1. Welcome to RoW80!

    I’m a big fan of weekly (or even fortnightly) goals. There is always going to be a day, probably more than one, that gets way out of hand. And poof, there goes that writing streak. Work hard, be forgiving of yourself, and good luck!

  2. It’s going to be fun! You asked how I do two WIPs at a time… I am a panster… i see scenes and I write them down as quickly as I can so I don’t lose the scene…eventually one will take over my life but write now, I’m OK. We will see how it lasts though!! Good luck.

    • Ah, I see. I’d love to be able to do that. Although I’ve never tried to so don’t know I can’t. Thinking about it now reminds me of the way I felt at school trying to decide whether I should take French and German GCSE at the same time – or if it would get too confusing. I did and it didn’t… so maybe I can try this…. Maybe

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