ROW80 Check-in 1

I’m rather annoyed at myself for missing the first check in! I was going to try to do this post this morning so that at least it would be Wednesday still somewhere in the world… but at 13.08 GMT, I’m pretty sure it’s Thursday everywhere (if not Friday). 

Now I’ve finished beating myself up about not checking in, I’ll get on with the purpose of this blog – to look at my ROW80 progress.

Monday started really well with 250+ words written. Yay! I started a short story I’d been thinking about since reading the prompt for Fiction Friday last week. I didn’t get time to write it to post on Friday, but the idea was strong enough to keep me thinking about it all weekend. It’s nowhere near finished, but I know I want to carry on with it. Maybe tonight.

Tuesday was a fail. No, not a fail, because my goals are weekly not daily, so I just need to catch up at some point before Sunday.

Yesterday I was on a course that finished an hour and a half before my usual work end time – I was thrilled to get home (via the supermarket) about the time I usually start packing up. Great, I thought, I’ll do some editing/writing/course work.

But then I got distracted by washing, washing up, friends, dinner preparation and eating. When I finally sat down to do something, I discovered a Mills & Boon workshop, so of course I got sidetracked with finding out about that.

In the end, I did get half an hour of my writing course done, so that’s a result.

While I was cooking I also concocted a way of tracking how I do on ROW80.

I decided I need a chart to track everything, so then I can (geek it up) produce graphs from it (I had a go at my other half the other day for turning me into a geek – he thinks my geekiness was always there – I’m not so sure). However, I have multiple possibilities for goals. 250 words or 30 minutes on the writing course, or 30 minutes editing. They don’t sit well together to be comparable. UNLESS, I changed the word count goal to something that looks like 30 minutes… like… oh I don’t know… 300 words? Result! So… from now on, 10 words are equal to 1 minute editing/writing course.

With this comparable amount I can easily see if I’m hitting my weekly target from whichever type of action I take. I feel very proud of myself for devising this. So sad, but I’m so proud!

Now, I’ve just got to make this table. I promise I’m not procrastinating, and I’ll prove it by doing a lot tonight!

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