#ROW80 Check in Wed 13th April

Oops, another late check in. Hey, what’s a day between friends eh?

I am so glad I’m not working on daily goals for ROW. I’d be failing miserably.

But I’m working with weekly goals, which means I’m not doing so badly. Especially when you consider I wrote just over a thousand words on Monday night. As my goals are equal to 300 words a day, I’m really happy with that. Especially as I’ve not done a thing since.

I started a short story a few weeks ago from a Fiction Friday prompt. I didn’t get the chance to write from it on the Friday, or anytime after, but I had an idea. Last week I wrote the first 250 words. Monday I did the next 1k (ish). I think I need another 1k to finish it. For me, that’s a really long short story! I think it might be quite good though. And I might be able to do something with it in the future.

I’ve just made my geek status chart for ROW80. It’s geekyawesomeness. Here’s just the first two days (cause they’re the only ones that look half decent)

Day Date Writing Editing WC Daily total Actual Cumulative total Suggested culumalitve total Variance
Monday 04-Apr 23.5     23.5 23.5 30 -6.5
Tuesday 05-Apr     30 30 53.5 60 -6.5

Because my goals are EITHER 300 words writing (10 words=1 point) OR 30 mins editing OR 30 mins on my writing course, I had to include all three options. From this I can see I’m 65 words, or 6.5 minutes behind schedule. Or I was on day 2 anyway. I won’t tell you how many I’m behind today. But let it be known – I intend to catch up!

Last night I went to Toastmasters. Unless you’re in the ‘know’ you will have never have heard of this – I hadn’t until a friend mentioned it to me. It’s basically a club where you go to practice, and get help with public speaking. I HATE speaking in public. The idea of having to do it terrifies me. So I thought I’d go along and see what it’s about.

It was great. Unsurprisingly, I had to stand up and introduce myself in front of 30 people – which I kind of hated. Then lots of other people did speeches. It was brilliant. I don’t yet know if I’ll join, but I’ll definitely go again as a guest.

The reason I’m not sure if I’ll join, is that I’ve got so much going on at the moment, I don’t know if I can give it the attention it needs – it’s 2 + hours twice a month for the meetings. But then on top of that there are books you work your way through and speeches to give. Then also people are needed to help out – so with evaluating on the night etc. So not just 4/6 hours a month. With my writing course, writing and editing, and the writing group I’ve started going to, I just don’t know if I sign off any more time. But I’ll have a think about it.

I’ve been thinking about the writing group I’ve started going to. They meet weekly and I wonder if that’s too much for me, if I’d be better going to a group that met one a fortnight or something. I don’t know. I’ll keep at it for a month or so and see how I feel then.

Anyway, this blogging thing is just procrastinating from doing real work. Tonight I’m going to do a piece for Fiction Friday tomorrow. Over the weekend I’ll try to do some more writing course, or maybe start with some Italian Infatuation editing… Stranger things have happened.


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