ROW80 Check-In Thursday 5th May

One day I’m going to manage to actually write and post my check-in on the correct days. It’s Wednesday and Sunday Helen – get it in your head! I’ve even got Kait’s reminder emails going to my phone email, and I still can’t manage it.

The writing however is going much better this week. Since my last check-in when I realised that although I’m not hitting my writing goals, I’m writing well more than I was before I started, I’ve continued to do more writing than I was before. With the exception of yesterday, I’ve been written every day this week. Unfortunately none of it is for any of my novels, or for tomorrow’s Fiction Friday or anything useful right now. I did however start last week’s Fiction Friday really late, then work on it more and more. I didn’t post it, but kept working on it, and now it’s a 1200+ word section of a bigger story (I don’t know what yet). I may not ever use it for anything, but I think I’ll probably use the characters as I quite like them.

See it’s going pretty well.

I’ve got a plan.

Over the next week or so, I’m aiming to ‘catch up’ with ROW80. I’ve got a spreadsheet showing how much I should have written/edited/studied by now compared to how much I actually have. In the coming days I want to get to a point where they match up. I’m going to do that by writing, then when I get to an even point, I’m going to change my focus a little to my writing course.

I’ll try to remember to check in on time over the weekend with my progress!


3 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-In Thursday 5th May

  1. Yeah, my update is late, too, and not for the first time! You’re not the only one! 😀

    Isn’t it great when you come up with characters you like? One of the most enjoyable parts of writing, for my money. 🙂

    Hope your plan works and you soon get to where you want to be. 🙂

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