Fiction Friday – May 6th

The prompt this week from Write Anything is ”Reviews for the movie were mixed.” My story (unedited) is here:

‘Reviews for the movie were mixed,’ John says in reply.

‘Which means some people thought it was good,’ I come back. I knew he’d do this, it’s just so typical. I don’t know why he said I could choose the film, we’ll so end up watching what he wants. Oh yay, another night of blood and guts. Wish I’d stayed at home.

‘But it also means some were bad. Really bad. Did you read the one in the Metro?’ I try to control my rage. I just about manage by counting to five. Slowly.

‘John, I know you care about reviews and how things are supposed to be, but I don’t. Unlike you I don’t care if the movie I’m going to see isn’t going to get nominated for an Oscar. And, I like making my own mind up about things. So what if some reviews are bad. I bet I don’t agree with half the things they like.’

John looks a little hurt, I don’t know why, that was a lot less than I wanted to say. Normally this is when I back down, and we see what he wants, but this time I decide I’m not going to. I’m going to stick to my guns.

‘Look, you said I could choose the movie and for once I’d really like to. I’ve been wanting to see this for ages, you know that, I love the book.’ This isn’t entirely true. I do love the book, but I’m not too bothered about the film, generally I don’t like films when I’ve loved the book. But, there was a principle here, and, call me childish if you want, but when he started arguing, I suddenly wanted to see it more. Now, I’m desperate to see it.

‘But you usually don’t like films that have come from books.’ I hate him. Luckily I have a come back immediately.

‘True, but that doesn’t stop me from watching them. It may not be the greatest film in the world, but I have to watch it to see. I have to. Don’t you get that?’

He looks up at the list of films above the kiosk and I can see his resolve melting. Yes, I knew he’d do the right thing. Well, actually I didn’t, I thought he’d insist on seeing that shitty sounding war one.

This is good. We’ve been arguing so much recently that I want things to be good tonight. But I also wanted to get my own way, not because I wanted to get my own way per se, but because he always forces his views on to me. If he does agree to see my film, it will feel like the scales are evening up a bit.

John looks at me then back at the board, then at the cashier.

‘Ok, lets see it. But next time, we’re seeing my film.’ I could jump up and down, I’m so happy. Instead I push up onto my tip toes and kiss him full on the lips. He grins and grabs my hand. See, this is why we’re still together, we’re happy.

‘Two for A Happy Romance please.’ John, as always takes charge and buys the tickets.

‘I’m sorry,’ the cashier replies, ‘We’re sold out on that. In fact, the only showing we still have seats for is Tony’s War.’ My heart sinks. How is that possible.

As we walk to get popcorn, with John’s arm tightly round my shoulders I realise it’s not the worst thing in the world. In principle I won, and I don’t have to sit through a film that I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed.

Please let me know what you think, good and bad are appreciated. Have a great weekend.

4 thoughts on “Fiction Friday – May 6th

  1. I am trying to have a go at the friday write anything suffering from the ‘don’t have time’ excuse at the moment. Can I ask how long roughly do you spend doing them or do you just go with it?

    I like the way you are able to immediately give an insight into a relationship and I honestly always want to read more.I want to know if this couple stays together or break up and why. In my head sadly they break up.

    • Hi Em,

      Thanks for your comment about the story. I honestly didn’t think much past the story itself so don’t really know if they stay together. I think you’re probably right though, they probably would do.

      I tend to find the opposite of having the ‘no time’ excuse with Fiction Friday. Because the ‘rules’ state you have to write for ‘at least five minutes’ I always figure it could just be five minutes. You’d be surprised how much you can write in that time. I’ve posted so many ‘stories’ that aren’t stories at all they’re just little clips of writing because I either didn’t know where to go, or didn’t have time to write anything more.

      I bet you can find five minutes somewhere in your day. Just five. No more. Go on, try!

      BUT, I bet once you start, you’ll make more than five minutes. I know I always do. Good luck x

      • When you put it like that is ridiculous that I can’t seem to find 5 minutes! Ok….I am going to go and try…..

  2. Ok so I found 10 minutes and just wrote. Thank you for the motivation! Now will go and read your piece….didn’t read it first in case I couldn’t think of my own afterwards!

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