Fiction Friday – 13th May

Your Main Character finds the paperwork on the desk covered in red ink…


Fran stirred the casserole quickly, checked Milly was still in her play pen and ran to the hall.

‘Yes, Mrs Johnson-Gray,’ she shouted, hoping she’d hear her from upstairs and she wouldn’t have to run up there.

‘Has Milly been in the office again?’ Mrs Johnson-Gray shouted downstairs.

‘No. Not since the other day when you told me not to let her.’ Fran winced at the memory of the telling off she got on Tuesday. She definitely wouldn’t let Milly out of her sight when running a bath again.

‘Well why is there red ink all over my desk and manuscript?’

‘I’m sorry Mrs Johnson-Gray, I don’t know.’ The older lady moved to the top of the stairs and put her hands on her hips. Although she knew she’d done nothing wrong, Fran started getting nervous. Her voice wavered, her heart started beating faster and her palms got sweaty. She hated the effect this woman was having on her.

‘Well it didn’t get there on its own did it now?’

With perfect timing Milly started crying. Fran looked towards the kitchen, then back at her employer.

‘Go on, go get her,’ Mrs Johnson-Gray said flicking her arm in the direction of the kitchen. ‘But make sure she doesn’t get in there again. That manuscript is very important.’

Fran walked back to the kitchen silently muttering. She was only on day five and already sick of that woman. But as she walked through the door, Milly looked up at her and gave her a huge grin – how could she not love this job when she had a kid as cute as Milly to look after.

Milly was everything you would want in a nineteen month old. She was walking and pretty much talking, so a proper little girl in those regards, but at the same time she was still a baby. She still liked to be carried, and cuddled. She had the cutest brown curls and darkest brown eyes Fran had ever seen that were accentuated amazingly by the longest lashes.

And somehow, even though her mother was that awful woman, she was always smiling.

Maybe it was due to her dad. It was such a cleche, but Fran the nanny, fancied the kid’s father. Luckily though, it wasn’t just her. All the other nannies in the group fancied him too. And the mothers. And no one could believe he was with Mrs Johnson-Gray. No One had a good opinion of her.

Fran hated to admit it, but she knew there was something about her. She’d seen them together once when he’d come home early and she was still in. They’d acted like they had just got together. Kissing and touching each other. Holding hands as they walked to the door. They were obviously very in love. If only she could understand why.


Three months later she knew why.

She’d wanted to quit. Mrs Johnson-Gray was in almost every day working on her novel, and she was treating Fran more and more like a skivvy every day. She’d always known she was going to be cooking for Milly and doing small chores around the house,

But this was crazy. Every spare minute she got from when she left her ‘annex’ (the Johnson-Gray’s converted garage) to the moment she left for the day – sometimes as late as 8 or 9pm she was busy: Cooking, cleaning, tidying, washing, ironing. She was sick of it.    

Or she had been. Until Wednesday.

On Wednesday she was cleaning the whole house, top to bottom. Milly was being an angel and either asleep, playing by herself (in her playpen so Fran knew she wouldn’t run off anywhere and get into mischief), or watch children’s TV. Mrs Johnson-Gray had left in a hurry that morning, apparently her editor had called her into his office for an emergency meeting. When Fran entered her employer’s bedroom it was totally different to usual. Gone was the vast emptiness with just a bed and dressing table – now, there were papers everywhere. Literally everywhere – all across the bed, in piles on the floor, and scattered along the dresser. There was even a small stack on the chair.

Fran decided she’d miss out hovering and dusting in there today – it wasn’t worth the risk, but as she was turning a huge pile of papers – literally a foot high – caught her attention.

Screaming out at her were the words: HOW TO GET ANYTHING YOU WANT.

Not wanting to be nosy, but finding she couldn’t help herself, Fran picked up the top few sheets.

The front page was the title page. The next page was a thank you page.


The biggest thank you to Jennifer (Fran somehow knew Mrs Johnson-Gray’s name was Jennifer) without showing me how, this book wouldn’t have been possible.


Showing her how? Mrs Johnson-Gray had shown the author – Sally Fellows-Hampton – how to get anything she wanted. How weird.

Fran turned to the next page. It was a list.


How to get the perfect man and make him fall in love with you forever

How to get a successful publishing deal

How to make anyone like you and do anything for you

How to always look perfect

How to get the perfect nanny and ensure she stays with you


Fran stopped at the last one. There was a page, no two pages more of how tos. Something about it sent a chill down Fran’s back. She’d read books on how to get things – but something about this one seemed chillingly different.

She flicked quickly through the other pages she’d picked up. Each page was dedicated to a different ‘how to’ and was filled completely. Half way down on each page there was a smaller list – a list that almost looked like ingredients.

She didn’t get a chance to in any detail as typically Milly started crying just then. It was quite lucky she did, because Mrs Johnson-Gray came home five minutes later. Fran obviously didn’t want to get caught in her employer’s room so was glad Milly had got her attention.

As Mrs Johnson-Gray walked upstairs Fran knew she had to find that pile again, find out what was in that book.

Only strangely, since that day, she was feeling less and less inclined to find it and check. And she was starting to enjoy her job more and more, her workload hadn’t changed, but it just didn’t seem so bad any more. She also started getting on with Mrs Johnson-Gray, to the point where she’d actually say she liked her, and that she’d do anything for her….

I know I’ve done the spell idea before, but it seemed to fit with this story. I actaually had a much better idea, but it would have taken too long and I really don’t have time (I’m talking at least a couple of thousand words!). I hope you like it, but please let me know.

Fiction Friday come from WriteAnything.

3 thoughts on “Fiction Friday – 13th May

  1. I like the spell idea as it almost makes anything possible!

    In my attempt I had a girl who was being bullied by her boss find her private novel (a lot of my writing seems to be about people who want to write books!) on her desk covered in negative comments and criticisms. She wonders how she got hold of it as the only other person who has access to her book is her boyfriend….and so it ends!

    Like the way you don’t have to think of the ending…I just stopped but feel ok about it!

    • You didn’t post your story! I was looking forward to reading it after hearing this about it.
      I’m so glad you found the time – I’m a bit of a hypocrite sometimes, when I think I don’t have the time I don’t even try, but I figure if I’m doing it MOST weeks!
      I agree, not having to end it is great 🙂

  2. Argh! Am really not ready to post anything!!! I am toying with the idea of a blog though as it seems like such a supportive community and may actually help me with the sit down and write thing!

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