ROW80 Check-In – Tuesday 17th May

I’m either a day early, or a couple of days late for a check-in, but I figure I’ve got the time right now, so I may as well make use of it.

I’m doing so much better over the last week than I had been before (although you wouldn’t notice from my failings to check-in). I’ve not quite reached my goal for the week, but if I can manage to write 63 words this evening (highly possible) I will, for the first time in the challenge. Likelihood is that I’ll go over 63 words and so beat my weekly goal (I’m talking Wed-Thu here, not a real week!). WOO!

I went through how much I’ve written over the last 6 weeks last night. I’ve actually written over 8,000 words. Considering before I started the challenge I was probably averaging 2,000 a month, I call this a success.

I did think about lowering my goals, but then I realised it’s good having something big, but doable rather than something easily doable. If I lowered my goals too much and reached them, I would be likely to stop writing.

Last year, I used to write monthly goals. It was actually a good way of getting me to write regularly. However, there were a couple of months where I reached my monthly goal way before the end of the month, and you know what I did? Instead of seeing how many more I could write, I stopped. Stopped until the next month when I started again (but set higher goals). So I’m keeping my goals high.

Really, 2,100 words a week isn’t that much. It is and it isn’t. Generally my Fiction Friday pieces are around 1,000, so that’s just another thousand on top to make the goal. Not too much at all and as I’ve proved this week, I can do it (even though I didn’t go near a computer/pen/pencil over the weekend).

You may have noticed that all my recent talk has been about writing, but my goals are EITHER writing OR working on my writing course OR editing. That’s because all I’ve been doing is writing. I do plan to do some of the other two, I’m just taking the easy route because I find writing easier. Having said that, I dug out my printed copy of Italian Infatuation last night in the hope that I’ll start editing it soon. Or at least read through it again (which I’ve not done since Jan – Jan 2010 that is!) and make notes on what I need to change. Which I guess is editing really!

That’s my challenge after today then – start reading/editing II. And to keep on with the writing. If I can write and edit at the same time?

If you’re also doing ROW80, how are you getting on. If you’re not doing ROW80, how is your writing going anyway?


5 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-In – Tuesday 17th May

  1. Good work! It’s all about personal goals. Set your goals to what works for you, whether it might look like a little or a lot to someone else. Lots of people write their novels and stories in short bursts. It’s the consistency that makes the difference. What does writing 2,000 words a day mean when two days later, the writer is completely burnt out and has to take time off? Find what works for you, and stick to it :). Congrats on reaching your goal!


  2. HI! I just jumped on the ROW80 bandwagon, so I can’t attest to any long-term success, but I seem to be doing fairly well so far. 😉 My weekly goal is also 2100 words, and at the moment I’m exceeding expectations. Once I have to deal with grading final papers, though, I know my output will diminish quite a bit, so I’m not going to try and raise my word count just yet.

    Good luck on writing/editing! I am looking forward to the day when I will have something finished. I am so terrible at finishing things. I usually end up with a half-plot, and once I reach that half-way point I just don’t know what to do with the story anymore, so I abandon it. I have many, many abandoned “babies” saved on my harddrive, and I am hoping that my current tale doesn’t go the same way, lol.

  3. It’s great you’ve found a goal that makes you work hard consistently. I’m still trying to find my groove. Awesome job and I hope it continues for the rest of ROW80.

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