If Every Day Could Be Like the Last 24 Hours

Maybe the last 25 hours actually – I’ve just been so productive!

Last night after writing my blog, and after mucking about for a bit, I sat down and did some more editing. 39 minutes of editing. Woop! Today at lunchtime I wrote 380+ words on a story for Fiction Friday tomorrow.

I find Fiction Friday stories pretty easy to write. I read the prompt, then write. I usually don’t think about it too much before I write, I just write, no stressing like for a novel about what to write before I write, I just write. Today all I did before I started writing was to have a little thinkg about who the characters were going to be – turned out I used the MC and her best friend from Italian Infatuation. I find that a good way of getting in a character’s head is to throw them in a Fiction Friday situation and see how they react. Diane and Fiona worked pretty well, except Diane used the word ‘Honey,’ which I don’t think she would.

The other thing I find easy (easy? not sure that’s the right word) about doing the pieces, is that there is no editing involved, and I don’t expect anything else from what I write. When I write a novel I know I have to go back and edit it. Fiction Friday stories can just be a short burst of story telling without anything else.  I love that.

Of course sometimes I chose to go back and edit, or add to a story, but if I do, I’m chosing to, so it must mean I love it enough to.

That sounds wrong. That sounds like I’m saying I don’t love anything else enough to WANT to go back and edit it. That’s not true. I love Italian Infatuation (II), and it’s taken me 17 months to start editing that. I want to, even though I’ve not found the motivation to until now. Does that make sense? I know what I mean, I just hope you do too.

I have a problem with Diane – the MC in II. I like her, but at the same time I don’t. I realised the reason a while ago, but totally forgot until just now. Her name’s wrong. Diane is a nice name. But, it’s not her name. I can’t believe I didn’t work that one out months and months (or a year +) ago (and can’t believe when I did I forgot). At some point during the draft two editing, I want to find out what her name is and change it. I think when I do that I’ll feel much more comfortable with her.

I’m a little torn on what to do now. I’m really tired so have come to bed and am typing in bed. Really I should go to sleep (I’ve been sleeping badly this week), but I know I won’t. So, the question is: should I sit up and read some II, or should I relax completely and carry on with Jane Green’s The Love Verb? Both options are extremely appealing, and I can’t decide. Hopefully once I’ve edited this I’ll know. Hopefully!


3 thoughts on “If Every Day Could Be Like the Last 24 Hours

  1. When I read your Fiction Friday piece first thing I thought was…hmmm…Diane? Nothing AT ALL against the name….just I guess I noticed it! When I do the Fiction Friday pieces (still not sharing!) I randomly shove in the first name that comes into my head and often afterwards think why did I use that? Hope you find your MC’s ‘real’ name soon!

    • Em, I’m so glad you said that, it totally re-enforces what I was thinking.
      I used to do that (randomly thinking of names as I wrote), but after a year or so I found I was using the same names again and again, so now have to think of them before I start, just to get a bit of variation!
      I wo’nt push on the publishing FF stories yet, but you should really think about a blog. My boyfriend suggested it to me when I first started my writing course, as kind of a diary of my progress, I was totally against it – why would anyone want to read what I’m doing, and why would I want them to know? – but tried it regardless, thinking if I didn’t like it I didn’t have to carry on. I loved it. And still do. Try it. You don’t have to carry on if you really hate it… And you’ll definitely have one reader from the off 🙂

  2. Aww..thank you! I am giving it serious consideration. Work will be a bit crazy for the next month but think I can get started and I do think I need a bit of added motivation. Will keep you posted!

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