Fiction Friday – 27th May – The End of the World

The prompt from Write Anything for today’s Fiction Friday is:

The end of the world has been penciled in by a number of religions and groups. How is your character preparing for it?

My (unedited) story from that introduces the MC from my novel Italian Infatuation and her best friend who is about to get married…

‘You don’t believe it do you?’ Fiona put her head down and started twirling her spaghetti round her plate. ‘Fiona?’

She looked up at Diane. ‘Noooo…’


Fiona coughed and sat up a little straighter.

‘No, I don’t. Don’t look at me like that, I don’t. It’s just…’


‘Well, I’ve waited my whole life to get married and now I’m three weeks away from it and some guy in India is predicting the world is going to end the week before. I know it’s not going to, but what if it does? I’m so close. I can’t die single. Not when I’m so close.’

Diane thought about it. She knew exactly how Fiona felt, the excitement of being just weeks away from becoming married was so exciting. Even if it was different for her – it was only five years ago that she’d got married, although it had been different for her.

Diane and Jim had been together forever, it hadn’t been a matter of ‘’if’’ for them, but ‘’when.’’ Fiona however, had floated from one guy to another, never forming anything deep, because no one was good enough for her, she always felt like there was something missing. Until Peter. Peter came along and filled the void – everyone just knew they were right for each other from the day they met. They completed each other.

Unlike Diane and Jim in the end.

‘If the world ends honey, there’s nothing you can do about it. But I wouldn’t worry about it, you won’t know.’ That made Fiona laugh. ‘Fiona seriously, you’re less than a month away from your wedding. You’re getting married in another country. Do you really need something ELSE to worry about? Surely that’s enough for one person?’

‘You know, you’re right. Although I know everything is sorted, but…’

‘you’re still worrying aren’t you?’

‘Diane you’ve known me for as long as I remember. Of course I’m worrying.’

‘Ok, I’ll tell you what.’ She signalled to the waiter to bring them another bottle of wine. ‘Why don’t we look at the dessert menu and then you can tell me everything you’re still worried about. You know what they say, a problem shared is a problem halved.’ At the exact same moment they both picked up their nearly empty glasses, and chinked them.

Please let me know what you think. Lets hope there are other Fiction Friday players today!

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