TBR List

I’ve just done the funniest thing. At the top of my blog, I’ve got different pages. One of which is my To Read list. I’ve just updated it. Although, when I say updated, I mean I’ve deleted all the books I’ve actually read. Which was half the list. What’s funny is that there’s now only about 8 books on it. As if.

If I’ve only got 8 books I want to read, why is half my 4’x4′ book shelf at home taken up with books I’ve not yet read? Hmm.

I could… add all the books on my shelf to the list. But I don’t really think that’s a good idea. It would take me forever. I think at last count I had 70 odd. I’ve read loads of them since then (I believe that count was before I moved, the time before last, so pre December). However, I’ve also been given and bought many, many more since then. I feel like I should have another count. I’m a little scared of that idea though. What if I’ve got more than 100? That would be crazy. Especially when I’m only reading about 2/3  a month!

Especially when I know I’m going to buy more.

I’ve actually been really good recently. I’ve tried to stay away from bookshops (lets forget the author event I went to a week ago, where I bought three books!) and keep away from books in the supermarket etc. I know I’ve got a load that I want to read, so I don’t want to add to it.

I have a problem though. In the form of a boyfriend. He encourages me to buy books. He’s like a feeder, but for books! A few weeks ago we went to visit my family, and in the city they live there are like 5 charity shops. I tried to stay away, but he insisted we went in. 15 minutes later I walked out with 3 or 4 books (the up side is that he paid though, ha!). I honestly would have been happy staying away, because I never would have known what I was missing out on. But once I was in, I HAD to get some!

When we left my Mum’s house, I left the books there. Part of me is almost happy – I don’t have to find room for new books – but the other half of me is mad with myself. I left books. At my Mum’s. The problem is I don’t really want to get her to post them, because the chances are I won’t read them before I visit next time, and it would be silly to pay all that money on postage for no reason. But, I’ve forgotten what they are and am dying to know. I guess I could just ask my mum, but sometimes things are too easy, eh!

I can’t have a whole blog just about books, so I’ll add a little about writing/editing.

I’ve not done anything since my last blog. That’s only a day though, so that’s nothing. I’m planning on walking home after work (only 50 mins roughly -only 20 mins longer that getting the tube), getting dinner, then spending an hour or so editing. That’s the plan anyway 🙂


One thought on “TBR List

  1. Oh, book stores are very difficult to stay away from. There’s just never enough time to see everything.

    I’ve made a promise to myself that I’ll read some of the book I have before buying anymore. Hopefully, that will stick –for awhile at least..LOL ( Hmmm, I actually think I’ve made that promise before…)

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