Fiction Friday – 3rd June – I Miss My Best Friend

‘I miss my best friend, my other half, my everything. The children miss their mother, they don’t understand…’

Lisa looked away as John carried on and another tear slid down her face – she knew exactly how they felt. But they had a right to, sitting here with her mascara in rivers down her face, she felt like a fraud.

It had been three years since she last saw Jane. Three and a half actually. Jessica had been a baby, Tom only a toddler. They hadn’t fallen out, life had just got in the way. Work, meetings, moving, family visits, every time either of them thought about making the trip, something came up. Peter and her had got as far as booking flights for September, but then she’d got pregnant and had been so ill, she hadn’t wanted to make the journey.  Jane, John and the kids were going to come up after the birth, definitely this time, no excuses.

She put her hand on her stomach, which caused another flood of tears to appear – how unfair was it that Jane would never meet her bump. She would have been its godmother, just as Lisa was for Tom and Jessica. Except Jane would be a much better one than she’d been so far.

That had to change. If the kids didn’t have a mother, they had to have a damn good god mother. One they see more than once every three years. One they recognise from seeing all the time, not just from photos.

Peter and Lisa had talked about living arrangements. They were both really happy in Scotland, but had secretly wanted to come home to have children. Life got in the way, but now this happened, now their lives had been blown apart by this tragic accident, they knew without a doubt it was the right thing to do.

The right thing for Tom and Jessica, the right thing for his mother and both her parents, the right thing for Peter, the right thing for the baby, and the right thing for them. They wanted to have this baby surrounded by friends and family, not with superficial friends they’d known a year or so, but had suddenly become distant as soon as Lisa announced her pregnancy. Fair weather friends – fair bar and club friends more like!

If only they’d made that decision six months ago, a year. Damn it, if they’d made it two months ago. They might have been there to stop it. Lisa might have been paying a little bit more attention to the kids dropping toys and picked up the rouge car. Jane wouldn’t have slipped and they wouldn’t be here.

Everyone started clapping. John had finished. He sat back down next to Lisa. She tried to smile at him. She was sure it was a great speech, she just hadn’t heard much of it. Lisa grabbed John’s hand and squeezed it. He squeezed it back.

They both looked up at the vicar carried on with the service.

The prompt from WriteAnything today was ‘Use this sentiment or theme for your story “I miss my best friend.” ‘ As always this is unedited. Please let me know what you think, and take a few minutes to visit some other stories today, there’s some great ones out there!

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