Archive | June 8, 2011

#row80 Check In – Wednesday 8th June

I was just thinking how bad I am, because I didn’t do a check in on Sunday for A Round of Words in 80 Days, until I looked at my blog, and realised not only did I not do one at the weekend, I’ve not done one this month! Which means I missed last Wednesday too. Oops.

There was a pretty good reason for missing last Wednesday’s (depending on what you class as a good reason – it’s also a pretty shocking reason) – I hadn’t done anything since the previous check in. I think the reason I didn’t check in on Sunday was that I hadn’t done anything over the weekend. I guess the reason I AM checking in today, is that I’ve done some writing – YAY!

Today I’ve written 500+ words – my Fiction Friday piece for this week. On Monday I wrote a little something. Well the beginning to something anyway. I doubt I’ll ever carry on, but who knows. I think the important thing is that I did some writing.

I’ve been wondering if I should drop my goals. The weekly equivalent of 300 words a day seems to be quite a lot, and I’m struggling to meet it (once in over 2 months). The reason I haven’t done yet (and probably won’t do) is that I think it’s good to aim high. If I had low goals and I met them, I know I’d give up and not go too much over, whereas having high ones gives me something to aim for.

There’s only a few weeks left of this round of ROW80 – it finishes on 22nd June. If I was to write 300 words a day until the end… I’d have 4,200 more words (or 420 minutes of editing). That would be pretty awesome. There’s a challenge (well a challenge within a challenge, if you see what I mean). I’m going to do it. I’m really going to do it.