Fiction Friday – 10th June

Use the theme “On a wing and a prayer”


‘On a wiiiiiiiiing and a prayer-eeeer-eeeeeeer, I’ll taaaaaaake yoooooooou theeeeeeeere.’ Liz bows at the few people walking past, then trips over. Giggling, she holds her hand up for John to help her.

‘On a wing and a prayer?’ Liz nods at Andy as she struggles to her feet. ‘I’ll take you there?’

‘You bet honey.’ She straightens her now grubby skirt and smooths down her hair.

‘You know that’s not a song right?’ Liz sighs and starts walking off.

‘You know your problem is you have no imagination.’ She twirls round 360 degrees only just keeping her balance as she makes it.

Andy sighs and runs the few steps to catch her if she falls. ‘I blame you for this,’ he shouts behind him.

‘Yes, you naughty naughty boy.’ Amy slaps John playfully on the arm and catches his eye. She knows she promised Liz nothing would happen, but right now, she wasn’t sure if it was a promise she could stick to. They just connected.

‘I’m pretty sure he’s talking to you,’ John retaliates, grabbing her hand and tightening his fingers around hers as they walk along. ‘After all, you were the one doing Jagerbombs with her.’ Amy gasps and pulls her hand away – she’s not going to make it that easy for him.

‘I may have been doing them with her, but you, mister,’ she stops and turned to face him, poking her finger in his chest, ‘Were the one buying them.’ Her finger sticks to John’s chest for longer than it should. Her eyes are drawn up to his. She feels breathless.

‘So we’re as bad as each other then are we?’ Amy has no idea if he’s still talking about the drinking.

‘I…’ she beginnings, but can’t for the life of her remember what she was going to say. She drags her finger down his chest, down his rock hard stomach and stops it at the top of his jeans. Amy reminds herself to breath.

‘You…?’ he asks, bending his head a fraction. She stops breathing again. A million butterflies start dancing in her stomach and her heart literally stops beating. She bites her bottom lip as he inches slightly lower.

‘Jeez you two,’ Andy shouts spoiling the moment. Amy instantly drops her hand at the same second John stands up straight. ‘I could do with a hand here please, I’ve got us a taxi.’ They look back at each other for a second before starting towards Liz and Andy. John puts his arm round her and squeezes her shoulder and she can’t help grinning. She’s never going to be able to keep that promise to Liz now.

It’s a good thing she can use the payback excuse. You can’t go out with someone’s brother and then expect them not to go anywhere near your brother. Especially when your brother was as hot as John. Especially when he was only in town for a couple of weeks, so could be the perfect rebound fling. And especially when said brother currently had his hand on your arse!


I’m not too sure about the last paragraph – I think that would be the first thing to be rewritten in an edit (as per the . Please let me know what you think of it.

One thought on “Fiction Friday – 10th June

  1. You are very good at writing in sexual tension..I always want to know what happens to the will they/won’t they couples in your pieces. I kind of like the last line, it is playful and cheeky and I can imagine it being the end of a chapter that makes you want to turn over and see what happens next!

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