Old writing and ROW80 Check-In

I had a plan for today. I’m still off work ill (as I was yesterday), but started feeling better at lunchtime, so I did some writing. I decided I’d get up, have some lunch, do some more writing, start finding and getting together all my stuff for ‘Holiday’ (the novel, unfortunately I’m not off anywhere) and then write a blog.

I did the first two then jumped ahead to getting all the stuff together for Holiday. I say get it together because so far I’ve been writing a bit at a time, a scene here, scene there etc. Sometimes on one computer, sometimes on another. Therefore, I know not everything is in the same place.

I logged on to my computer (a rarity these days as we use my boyfriends as that has built-in internet and mine doesn’t) and I started looking for stuff. I’ve got a folder labelled ‘Old Laptop.’ This is where I thought most of the bits of the novel would be.

They weren’t.


I started looking in sub folders, and unusually titled folders, and I found one called old writing. What could be in here? I thought. Well, apparently one day, well back in July 2007 (!!) I thought that Holiday would be a Mills & Boon type book. How do I know this? I found a document called ‘M&B 2 – Chapter 1.’ The document is only 404 words long, but it’s one of the most crucial scenes in Holiday. And I wrote it back in 2007. I honest cannot remember doing that.

The funny thing is, it’s pretty much word for word what I then wrote for the scene in 2009/10. The story idea is that set in my head.

The only difference really is that in 2007 the MCs were Amy and Charlie. Over the next few years they changed to Kate and Dan. I’m happy with the names they currently have, and really chuffed that I’ve found this bit of writing, cementing the idea of the novel in my head well back then. Those 404 words were the sum total of any work I’d done on it then, but still, I must have been thinking about it.

July 2007 was before I even moved to London. Wow! I was living in Newcastle at the time and hating it, but had just decided to move down here.

In January 2007 I wrote a lot more of another novel (I say a lot more, only around 1,600 words total) of another novel which was to be Mills & Boon story, which over the next nearly three years was to change a little and become Italian Infatuation.  Wow. Again, I totally don’t remember writing that. Isn’t it weird how you forget.


Changing the subject drastically – ROW80. We’re getting close to the end now. 7 days to go in fact. My mini goal for 300 words (or 30 mins editing) a day from 9th June to 22nd is going… ok.

I did a little on Sunday as I wrote about on my blog that day, on Monday I did a little editing of something I was going to read that night at writing group, but then I got ill. A really heavy cold literally came from nowhere and beat me to the ground.

That night I was too ill to go to writing group (after I actually edited something – takes the you know what doesn’t it!), yesterday I was too ill for work, and actually to ill for anything other than lying in bed trying not to die (and reading). Today I’ve made up for it. So far I’ve written 831 words. I plan to write more.

Because of all this I’m on the way to catching up with where I should be right now. I’ve got a quiet weekend coming up, so I know I can reach, and exceed the mini goal.

My goal for the whole project is slightly further out of reach. I was aiming for 24k total words (or 2,400 minutes editing or on my writing course), I’m currently on 13,302 (which is made up of 11,852 words, 115 minutes editing and 30 minutes on my writing course).

I possibly set my goals too high. But you know what? I don’t care. This project has encouraged me to write and edit more than I possibly would have done without it  – I’m guessing I would have written about 7,000 in that time, had I not have been doing it. So therefore those extra 5k (so far) words are a result!

ROW80 – Round Three starts on 4th July. Am I in? You bet I am!

Ooh, one final thing. I started reading Faking It by Lotte Daley yesterday. I finished it this morning. After the previous two weird novels I read, I knew I needed something pink and fluffy to read, and what could be better than a pink novel with a cover picture of a girl… with her dress tucked in her pants. Perfect eh? If you need a really good chick lit novel I recommend this 100%.

4 thoughts on “Old writing and ROW80 Check-In

  1. Thank you so much for your comments on my blog, I got such a shiver when I actually saw I had comments! I can see how it gets addictive!

    I hope you are feeling better, shame you missed your group but sounds like you have really made use of today. It is amazing to think you have written bits of your novels that you have forgotten but good you have looked at them and are pleased with what you see.

    Hope the rest of your day as productive as the start!

  2. Not sure what has got into me this week….lots of acting before I talk myself out of things. On that note, on your advice I am now on Twitter @EmWantstowrite and if I did it right I should be following you. I really need to get better at this computer stuff!

  3. I recently had the same thing happen to me! I have an old hard drive that I thought for sure I would never put any writing on as it’s my honey’s hard drive and I don’t like to share lol. I found some crazy things on there. Thousands of words of stories that I had stopped working on and completely didn’t remember ever writing. It’s exciting though! Can’t wait to jump back in and finish those!

    Good luck with your goals and glad you’ll be back for Round 3!

  4. ROW80 is great because you can change your goals any time you think you’ve set them too high. Or if you don’t reach the goal you set, no one’s going to beat you or even frown at you. :0)

    I haven’t reached my editing goals because I wanted to have something ready to release at the end of the round. But I’m not worrying too much about it. I’m like you, ROW80 has made me actually DO something without stressing about it.

    I’m looking forward to seeing you in round three.

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