Archive | June 19, 2011

More ‘Holiday’ and Penultimate ROW80 Check-In

Only 3 days left of ROW80. In some ways it feels like it has been really short, but when I consider it really, it has been ages. Almost 80 days actually – ha!

I guess I shouldn’t start on with my achievements, because I’ll be doing that on Wednesday – so all I’m going to say today is that on 8th June I made a mini goal of about 6,000 words. Today, I sit at 6,603 words AND 105 mins editing! Woop!

In fact, I’ve only got 4,566 words left to write to equal the overall goal of an average of 300 words (or 30 mins editing or writing course) a day. That’s ALMOST possible. Almost. Hmmm. Maybe.

The reason my stats have suddenly shot up (you’ll see the sudden increase when I post my stats on Wednesday – along with graphs) is that I’ve suddenly got back into Holiday. On Wednesday when I was off work, I rearranged the pieces of writing I’ve got, getting nearly everything in one place.

Later in the week I did some writing – originally it was for Fiction Friday (but part of Holiday) but I think I probably am leaving it too late to post now so it’s just another scene for the novel. Then this morning I woke up with an uncontrollable urge to do more.

I did a load of planning, mapping, and then writing. altogether I planned (which I’m sticking under editing for the purpose of this challenge) for 30 minutes and wrote… wait for it… 953 words. The scene I wrote was one I’ve not been looking forward to writing, but I was just sat there and the beginning of it came to me (not the beginning actually – halfway through, but the beginning of the hard bit) and I HAD to write it. I’ve not read it back, but I think it’s probably ok. I did it by hand (shocking) so need to type up at some point, which means it will get a cheeky edit before the novel’s finished and it gets a real edit.

The planning I did was brilliant. Most of what I’ve written so far is in the 1st 1/3. I think maybe one of the reasons it’s been quite hard to get back into, is because I only have a vague idea of what will be happening in the 2nd and 3rd thirds. I knew two major bits, but the fillers were a little mystery. No more. I still don’t know the details, but I know for instance one day that they’re on ‘Holiday’ they’re going to go on a boat trip, another they’re going to visit another town the other side of the island.

Right then I’ll leave you good people. If you’re doing ROW80, good luck with the last few days, if you’re not doing it, have a great week!