Archive | June 24, 2011

ROW80 Round 2 Wrap Up

I’ve done it, I’ve got to the end of A Round of Words in 80 Days writing challenge. Well done everyone else who’s got here too.

So, how have I done? My goal was a bit of an odd one. I wanted to get writing, editing and my writing course in there, but I wanted to make them all equal. I also wanted weekly goals, not daily ones, because I knew writing EVERY day for 80 days would just be impossible.

Therefore I decided that my weekly goal would be the same as 7 days of writing 300 words, editing for 30 minutes, or working on my writing course for 30 minutes. That would mean that at the end of the 80 days (Wednesday) I would have 2400 minutes of editing/writing course OR 24,000 words written, or a mixture of the three. I originally wanted 250 words a day, but 300 worked easily with 30 mins of other stuff in my geeky chart, so it had to be 300 (on the chart I changed each 10 words to 1 – so if I wrote 244 words, it went in the chart as 24.4).

Here’s how I did:



Not great. But, not all that bad. In total I wrote 17,084 words, I edited for 205 minutes and I did 30 minutes on my writing course. I’m actually pretty happy with that. No, I didn’t reach my goal, but I think had I not have been doing this challenge, I wouldn’t have done anything like what I did. I think I estimated the other day that I would have written about 7k in that time. 10k more than that is well worth it.

There’s now a break of a week or so, before round 3 starts on 4th July. I don’t think I’m going to have time to write my goals this weekend (Hard Rock Calling festival tickets, with VIP entry to see Bonjovi on Saturday should keep me away from the computer!), so I’ll do them next week.

So, if you did ROW80, how did you get on? Are you doing round 3? If you didn’t do it, you temped by round 3? It starts on 4th July!