Archive | July 10, 2011

ROW80 Check-In 10th July

Get this. I’m doing a check-in on the right day. Wonders will never cease eh!

I may be doing well with my check-ins, but I’m not doing too well with my writing. On Thursday I did quite a lot, but Friday I did almost nothing. I did try to – I went on a train journey & took my laptop to do some work, but there were no power points and my laptop doesn’t work without being plugged in!

I spent the whole rest of Friday thinking I’d do some, but then about 11pm when I started I realised I was way too tired. I managed 10 minutes of character building before I hit the sack. Yesterday was a wipe out and now today feels like it’s been bad. It hasn’t I guess, and it’s not over yet either!

So far today I’ve spent about 40 minutes on Holiday. Unfortunately, I don’t have much to show for those minutes. I realised this weekend the reason I’m not getting on with writing it, is because I don’t really know what I’ve got and, more importantly, what I need. Now, there’s a load of fluorescent yellow post-it notes on our bedroom wall, with story Holiday story points. I wanted to write a note for everything that happens, but until I get to the shop & buy more, I’m merging a few things on each note.

This exercise has shown where my gaps are. But, I still don’t really know what happens during these gaps. The 33k odd words I’ve written have all been without having a clue, what I was doing, but am now wondering if I can carry on like this. I’m not sure that I don’t need to do a lot of planning. Eek. I just don’t know.

Is it better to just write, then edit the hell out of it, or to plan to know where I’m going, and still need to edit it? I guess I should try just writing and if that doesn’t work, plan then write? A few weeks ago I wrote out a plan of what Kate and Dan (my MCs) do each day on their 10 day holiday. This is mostly where I need to write. There are a few bits that need filing in earlier in the story, but they’re almost so little that I can do them in the editing. Nearly.

I’m going to finish this now then, and crack on. Crack on with what I still don’t know, but crack on I know!