ROW80 Check-In 10th July

Get this. I’m doing a check-in on the right day. Wonders will never cease eh!

I may be doing well with my check-ins, but I’m not doing too well with my writing. On Thursday I did quite a lot, but Friday I did almost nothing. I did try to – I went on a train journey & took my laptop to do some work, but there were no power points and my laptop doesn’t work without being plugged in!

I spent the whole rest of Friday thinking I’d do some, but then about 11pm when I started I realised I was way too tired. I managed 10 minutes of character building before I hit the sack. Yesterday was a wipe out and now today feels like it’s been bad. It hasn’t I guess, and it’s not over yet either!

So far today I’ve spent about 40 minutes on Holiday. Unfortunately, I don’t have much to show for those minutes. I realised this weekend the reason I’m not getting on with writing it, is because I don’t really know what I’ve got and, more importantly, what I need. Now, there’s a load of fluorescent yellow post-it notes on our bedroom wall, with story Holiday story points. I wanted to write a note for everything that happens, but until I get to the shop & buy more, I’m merging a few things on each note.

This exercise has shown where my gaps are. But, I still don’t really know what happens during these gaps. The 33k odd words I’ve written have all been without having a clue, what I was doing, but am now wondering if I can carry on like this. I’m not sure that I don’t need to do a lot of planning. Eek. I just don’t know.

Is it better to just write, then edit the hell out of it, or to plan to know where I’m going, and still need to edit it? I guess I should try just writing and if that doesn’t work, plan then write? A few weeks ago I wrote out a plan of what Kate and Dan (my MCs) do each day on their 10 day holiday. This is mostly where I need to write. There are a few bits that need filing in earlier in the story, but they’re almost so little that I can do them in the editing. Nearly.

I’m going to finish this now then, and crack on. Crack on with what I still don’t know, but crack on I know!

6 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-In 10th July

  1. When I think about the longer piece I am thinking about (note thinking not writing!) that is where I come unstuck. Plan then write or write then edit? Think when I get to that point am just going to write and if I get stuck, will try and do some planning.

    Hope you have a productive week 2!

  2. Ah, it seems you suffer from the same sort of half-empty glass syndrome that I do! A couple of thoughts for you: you did get some stuff done, just not as much as you wanted to do. Also, the whole debate on whether to write or to plan is stated too often as black and white. Lots of us are in the gray. I plan, but I write like a demon sometimes with no idea where I’m going to end up. No shame in that. It may be that you need to do a bit a both.

    You’re doing great. Glad you’re with us in this Round!

  3. I start with a character, a setting, an idea, and a line or two. I have to write to get to know my characters, their backstories, their personalities and relationships. As I write, new ideas crop up, and I learn things about my characters that I’d never thought of. It takes longer–rewriting, revising–but the result is better than anything I could have put down in an outline. Still, I have to fight the desire to control the material. I have the feeling I’ll always be “new” to writing, no matter how much I write.

    Best of luck with ROW80.

  4. bit of both I would think – I write like crazy sometimes and often with no idea where it will go – sometimes i just sit and think and plan

    My first book- Ellen’s Tale- was meant to be a short story!! it took of with no control from me I just kept writing!!! half way through I began to question where it was going – three quarters of way through actually wrote a plan so I could fit the bits together – now I ‘m writing the third of the series – so you see despair not – all kinds of strange things happen when creativity is concerned –

    You have acheived – carry on and all the best for this week

  5. I used to be a pantser. I find that doesn’t work so well for me with a novel-length piece though. So I’ve morhped into a plotter. I have a MIP that’s about 2/3 of the way written but I’m back in outlines…trying to fill the gaps and figure out the characters a little more. I usually feel the need to work things out on the page, but I’m solving that with a little free writing during the outline process.

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