Archive | August 23, 2011

Back from Ireland – Time for a New Start?

As predicted, I didn’t get any writing done in Ireland. Unlike when I went to Sweden I was always with people and always doing something. There were about 15 of us, so always someone around wanting to do something.

I make it sound bad – it wasn’t it was great, had such a laugh. It just wasn’t the environment to be able to write. Neither were either journeys. But I kind of predicted it, so it was fine really.

On the way back, in between the chatting to my friends, random Irish people on the flight, and drinking, I started thinking about ROW80 and how incredibly terrible I’m doing at it. I was almost tempted to give in and quit. BUT, I’m not a quitter. And quitting wouldn’t do me any good. I need to finish Holiday by 31st October, so ROW80 is needed to push me to do that. Good!

I had already booked Monday off, thinking I’d need it for a hangover. I only had 2 drinks the whole of Sunday, so knew I’d wake up on Monday without a hangover. But I was exhausted so decided I’d take the day off anyway.

In the back of my head I had a plan to do so much… Go to the library, do a blog, upload some photos to Facebook, tidy the house, do the washing  up etc etc. Oh, and of course some writing. You know how much of that I did?

I woke up stupidly early for a day off – 6am – and couldn’t get back to sleep. When the other half left I actually managed to sleep. For about an hour before I got texts waking me up. I was knackered. It took me ages to get up (reading in bed didn’t exactly help), then to shower then to get ready (which also included reading). By this point (about 14.30) I decided I had to go food shopping cause I dind’t have anything for lunch! After reading a little more, I went.

An hour later I got home, tidied the kitchen and started dinner. Having not done anything on my list. Sigh.

Which dinner was in the oven I turned on the laptop and churned out 517 words – WOOP! I wanted to get 1k, but I’m so happy I got over half (even if only just!).

I hope this is a new start for me. I really want to finish Holiday by the end of October. That gives me just over 5 weeks to do 36/37/38k or something. I don’t have an exact goal, but I’m guessing it’s going to end up about 70/80k. I want to finish it, and I’m damn sure I can. If I can do 50,000 in 30 days I’m sure I can do this. I want to.

It’s going to help that we’re going to be broke this month. No money = no going out = lots of time in the flat to write. I’ve been good in the past and left my boyfriend in the lounge while I go and write in the bedroom. I know I can do it, and he doesn’t mind, so I have no excuses about having no where to go. I just need some will power now.

I have a couple of times, got home from work, written a few hundred and then made dinner. I think that’s quite a good plan. Then if I don’t manage to pull myself away from my boyfriend/the TV/a film I have already done some. And if I do manage to, I get more words!


I’m going to try blogging more during my lunch break. At the moment I’m bringing my lunch in to work (also trying to lose weight!) so once I’ve eaten that I’ve got loads of time. I don’t have money to go shopping this month, so blogging should fill in some time.

Got it all worked out haven’t I! Lets see how well I get on…