Archive | August 27, 2011

Another Weekend Away?

Yep, I’m away again this weekend. This time up at the ”in-laws” (not really cause we’re not married, but you know what I mean) for a family wedding. A family wedding tonight, but a shopping spree this afternoon. Woop!

We’re up here for the whole of the long bank holiday weekend, but as it’s a family house, I should be able to find some time to write, I hope. I guess I should be doing it now, but blogging and uploading photos to Facebook are much more appealing πŸ˜‰ God it’s good to have the internet up here.

I can’t believe how much I’m struggling NOT having internet. I feel totally cut off from the world, even though I can get it on my phone, it’s just not the same, and I really hate typing on my phone, so don’t do all that much. I should do, but I don’t.

We’re hopefully going to sort out getting the internet at home soon. It’s easy to say that, but then we forget and then it gets to the end of the month and we don’t have money to spare on connection etc (this is what I’m told, I didn’t think it cost that much, if anything to set up – but I think he thinks he wants to get Sky too, so it’s not a basic thing. I think? I dunno!).

So anyway. My goal is to write at least 1000 words this weekend. That’s really quite doable. Maybe not today cause we’re just aboutΒ  to go out and then when we get back I’ll have to get ready (it takes about 2 hours to make my silly wavy hair curly, and I’ve got it in my head I’m curling today!).

I’m reading Trans AM by Rob Ryan (R on the A to Z Challenge). I’ve not really had the chance to get into it too much, but hope I’ll also be able to do that. Of course we need to catch up with the Mr’s family and friends, so maybe I’m setting myself too many goals, but I guess it’s good to aim high!

Happy Weekend everyone!